Terms and Rules

By posting to the Fur Affinity Forums (FAF) you agree that you agree to the following rules and policies.

Don't Encourage or Participate in Illegal Activity

This includes drug abuse, piracy, and copyright infringement. While you may openly debate the validity of current laws, you may not discuss any personal experiences of engaging in illegal activity, or post or link to content that is illegal in the USA.

Don't Post or Phish for Personal Information

Personal information includes social security numbers, unlisted contact information, home addresses, credit card numbers, and personal correspondence (logs, emails, notes, etc).

Don't Threaten Others

This includes both physical and financial harm (theft or vandalism), alluded or explicit.

Respect Your Fellow Posters and Forum Staff

Treat everyone on the forums with respect, kindness and courtesy. It's fine to disagree on topics, but keep disagreements civil and courteous. Respect diversity. Do not discriminate based on other people's differences.

Don't Harass Others

Do not harass, call out, bully, or have unwanted public discussions about other users. Likewise, if you blocked someone (or they blocked you) try to avoid talking to or about them.

Don't Encourage Anyone to Hurt Themselves

Do not encourage people to hurt themselves or promote your fellow posters in harming themselves.

Keep the Forums Friendly

Keep the forums friendly and open to everyone by keeping your posts to a PG-13 rating.

Don't Post Links to Content Prohibited by Fur Affinity

Do not post links to real porn, pirated material, viruses, malware, or other content which violates Fur Affinity's policies.

Don't Spam

Do not post unsolicited advertisements outside of your own threads or encourage activities which would promote spamming.

Violation of the Forum Rules

Violation of FAF rules can result in closure of your forum account without forewarning, and in extreme circumstances of trolling or harassment can result in a suspension of your Fur Affinity account.

Terms and Rules