Terms and Rules

The Law and You

1.1 Do not encourage or engage in illegal activity.

This includes, but is not limited to, drug use (excluding marijuana use), piracy, and copyright infringement. While you may openly debate the validity of current laws, you may not promote, encourage, engage in, plan, post or link to content or activities that violate federal US law, or anything that could be used as directions for committing a crime.

1.2 Do not discuss violent or sexual crimes.

Do not discuss details or experiences of committing, illegal acts involving sex, violence, or abuse against any creature, living or dead. Recounting and taking responsibility for past history may be permitted at staff discretion provided that harmful or illegal acts are not cast in a positive light.

1.3 Do not host or participate in any form of gambling.

Gambling or games of chance are defined as requiring participants to pay an entry fee for a chance to win a prize but are not guaranteed to get a prize. This may include raffles, sweepstakes, or lotteries. Contests where entry is free or where all participants are guaranteed to receive a prize are permitted.

Other Users And You

2.1 Do not share or try to obtain private information.

This includes posting or through deception attempting to obtain privileged personal information of other individuals, such as social security numbers, unlisted contact information, home addresses, credit card numbers, and personal correspondence (logs, emails, notes, etc).

2.2 Do not threaten anyone.

This includes both physical and financial harm (theft or vandalism), alluded or explicit.

2.3 Do not stalk anyone.

Stalking is the willful and repeated harassment of another user. This harassment may also come in the form of repeated communication, following, and gifts to an unwilling recipient.

2.4 Do not harass anyone.

In this context, harassment includes remarks which discuss personal grievances, quarrels, malicious rumors, or negative statements about other individuals. This does not include civil discussions about topics of public interest such as celebrities or government officials, but does include 'bewares' and similar content.

Any attempt to address a user who has blocked you or whom you have blocked is considered a form of deliberate harassment. This also includes soliciting other users to pass on messages or otherwise make contact on your behalf.

If a particular type of content does not appeal to you, then do not seek it out to make disparaging comments. Users with a pattern of this behavior may be cited for harassment.

2.5 Do not promote, glorify, instruct, or encourage anyone to hurt themselves.

Do not encourage other users to engage in harmful behaviors, including suicide, eating disorders, or other forms of self harm. Do not give other users medical or veterinary advice that could result in harm coming to them or their pets. This does not apply to fictional works when used as part of a narrative.

2.6 Do not engage in malicious speech.

Do not make pejorative use of slurs nor disparaging remarks about others' race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation or similar, or make maliciously misleading statements about cultures, religions, etc. This does not apply to fictional works when used as part of a narrative.

2.7 Do not identify with or promote hate groups and their ideologies

A hate group is one that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a designated sector of society (e.g. Nazism, KKK, ISIS). Symbols specifically associated with these groups will not be permitted in user avatars, non-fictional content, or content intended solely to disrupt the community.

Users who identify with or promote hate groups and their ideologies may be permanently banned from Fur Affinity without warning.

Fur Affinity And You

3.1 Do not disrespect site staff or abuse the ticket system.

Our staff is currently made up of volunteers who perform duties that are difficult and time consuming. Please refrain from needless harassment, insults, and arguing as it interferes with the ability for staff to perform their duties. Keep contact with staff concerning issues with Fur Affinity to the ticket system. Do not misrepresent site policies or staff actions, suggest that you have special privilege with staff, or retaliate against other users over staff action.

Trouble ticket abuse includes opening multiple tickets for the same problem, using the prospect of a report as leverage against another user, and encouraging other users to create additional reports for the same violation. If you disagree with a staff member's ruling you may ask to have an issue escalated but may not re-open the escalated ticket after a ruling is made.

3.2 Do not engage in Mature/Adult Rated activity in General Rated or public areas, such as profiles, journals, and shouts.

Prohibited content includes erotic role-play, but excludes discussion of adult themes, provided they aren't explicit. You may review content ratings by accessing the AUP under section 1.1.

3.3 Do not post links to content prohibited by Fur Affinity's policies.

If you are not permitted to upload or discuss the content on Fur Affinity, then do not link to it. Violating this rule may also result in citation under the site rule the content violates.

3.4 Do not spam.

This includes registering accounts or posting content automatically, messaging users en masse with unsolicited ads or information (e.g. beware content), posting content that is nonsensical and/or unnecessarily long or page breaking, or making incessant comments at others.

Terms and Rules