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Mar 23, 2014
Jul 14, 2007
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Cleveland, OH
Graduate Student

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M. LeRenard

Is not French, from Cleveland, OH

M. LeRenard was last seen:
Mar 23, 2014
    1. ♥Miranda♥
    2. ♥Miranda♥
      Same here, on a vacation to the states until today, visiting friends and such

      school is utter shit
    3. ♥Miranda♥
      Frank darling, it's been a while

      how are you dear~
    4. Kantress
      That, sir, is the most logical thing I have heard from anyone here regarding the latest incident. I just wanted to tell you that. And, I am seeking to do so expeditiously. Good day.
    5. Kantress
      I must thank you for being the only one to make a relevant, non-immature post on my thread. However, your forum has massive problems. Even your lead admin (unless Arshes stepped down) acts like an antagonistic, immature asshole. The rank dysfunctionality and hostility from staff I am sure is a massive factor in the toxic atmosphere of the forum. And, I am not going to make my OPs less 'offensive' and water down my message, especially since it wouldn't have fucking done any good with the trolls you call FAF users, anyway.

      Anyway, I have resolved myself to go seek enlightenment elsewhere. Thank you for being the only one I couldn't categorize as a buffoon, but, you're not going to have any influence, and I wouldn't honestly entrust you with that task because you appear to be a apologist for FAF (admittedly, a more intelligent one, but one nonetheless), anyway.
    6. Rigby
      Are you that one dude that makes the electronic furry music?
    7. Fallowfox
      He's already got universities lined up for it. In a way I'm a wee bit jealous of him, you know like how you always want to try the dish the person opposite you orders in a restaurant? x3
    8. Fallowfox
      Y'know, my brother actually wants to be an astrophysicist.
    9. Inciatus
      I love you.
    10. fwbrown61
      One gawdawful huge honker of a list, is what. (up to 25,212 names). Still, easy enough to manage with tools available, and better tools are comng. So are improvements.

      Mid-range goal: Develop this to the point where other people can manage it without breathing hard, then hand it off and get the fweep back to writing. This thing has eaten perhaps 2/3 of a novel (in terms of time chewed up).

      It'll be worth it.
    11. fwbrown61
      Quick note: Just finished a major rebuild of the FAWD. All FA writers and poets are now listed. (25,012). See forum post and Journal.
    12. ♥Miranda♥
      do I look like I can afford post-secondary lit theory classes x3

      I missed ONE lit theory class (titled: studies in literature), and I hate myself for it. I only took "Writer's craft" and "Film as lit."

      and 4 u english I guess but that's more practical, less creative
    13. ♥Miranda♥
      are you being sarcastic >.<''

      I know I can come off as arrogant, but I don't mean to ''> .>
    14. ♥Miranda♥
      hey fraaaaaank

      while we're on the topic of writing, do you do critique?

      Like, could you do one for me please ;~;

      I'm the only person I know who has interest/knowledge in/of lit. theory
    15. ♥Miranda♥
      Still thinking of what I'd like to do with you


      I do not know o:
    16. ♥Miranda♥
      Frank why don't you love me it's making me sad </3
    17. Osiris the jackal
      Osiris the jackal
      Hello, my name is Osiris,
      I love your insightfulness on almost any topic, always a true and interesting point of view. I also write and was wondering if I may read some of your work?
      Osiris the jackal
    18. ♥Miranda♥

      Okay, by what means would you like to colab?

      You could either get a skype and we can communicate back and forth, or we could use Gdocs o:

      either means are viable :p
    19. ♥Miranda♥
      bouncing ideas back and forth, both working on the same story kind of thing

      the end result being a culmination of both our styles, tendencies and ideas
    20. ♥Miranda♥
      I ask because

      I feel like colabing with someone

      would you like to do that with me
    21. ♥Miranda♥
      Hey do you still write things is that a thing you still do
    22. Kahoku
      I think I will, I am just in the middle of moving. :)
    23. Kahoku
      I thought I stop by and say hello.
      I was lurking around and saw that your a writer too. Well, I thought I better make acquaintances with other writers if we are all going to be on the site.
    24. Tango
      Well hello!
    25. ♥Miranda♥
      Hello hi! :3

      How are you~
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    Graduate Student
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    Astrophysics, writing, drawing, contrabassoon-ing, and other nerdly activities


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