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Jul 24, 2015
Apr 17, 2008
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OTR driver

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Rattlesnake Flavored, from Texas

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Jul 24, 2015
    1. Wollymon
      rest in peace, red
    2. Volkodav
      doing good red
      got my texas flag outside my trailer
      gonna go fishin later
    3. Soul-Wolf
      I wonder which of us hates these fucking character limits worse. There just isn't a way I can narrow down everything I want to say to you right now in the limits of this lil' box. But because not writing or drawing enough was one of the few things you ever got on my case about, I've resolved to take up writing in your honor, regularly. I've plunged in head deep. Lyrics, essays, forum posts, probably a blog at some point in the future. So hopefully if I feel your presence it'll neeeeever nag me about writing again. And let me know when you're coming so I can bring some weed in time.
    4. Rassah
      Hi Red. I know you're gone, but I need to say this. We really only met this past July, just before my birthday, because I had a nice windfall and wanted to do something nice for someone. I knew nothing about you other than what I recently read in your replies. I didn't even know you were trans. You just seemed like a really cool person, someone deserving of help, so I reached out to you asking about your truck's broken A/C. And after some more back and forth, and especially the type of questions you were asking and HOW you were asking, I saw an enormous potential in you, and wanted to take you in under my wing, so to speak. You were on your way up, and I was going to teach you how to soar.
    5. Rassah
      I know people like you don't come around often, but it turns out I didn't even realize the half of it at the time. When you went away, it hurt a lot, because I had a sense of loss, of plans and hopes dashed, and of such potential ruined, but I didn't really know you very well, or your past. I still made you a promise, and I make it a point to always keep those, so I took the work and funds that would have went towards your life, and focused full force on taking care of things after you were gone. At the same time, I went and started to get to know you better, reading your stories and your posts.
    6. Rassah
      Honestly, at first, I considered myself luckier than most others who knew you. They lost someone they knew very well and were saying good bye with that full knowledge and very heavy hearts. I, on the other hand, am still getting to meet you and know you better. You still talk to me through your words and writing. I feel like I have so much more of you to learn about, the good and the bad, and I am so glad you have left so much of you behind to know. You have made me smile and laugh countless times in the last few days. Initially, I thought that the reason I was lucky was because, while everyone has said good bye, I will keep getting to know you for a long while longer, and by the time I get to reading the last of what you have written, it would be like coming to the end of a really good book. It wouldn't be a heavy hearted good bye, as much as a melancholy feeling one gets when they finish a really good book and there is nothing more to read.
    7. Rassah
      I'm sorry, I was wrong. The more I learn about you, your thoughts and feelings, your childhood growing up, your life as CoyoteCaliente, your cathartic epiphany, and your fight against all odds to leave that life behind and climb back up to the top, at such an incredible speed...
      OH MY GOD!!!...
      I have met, known personally, and considered friends many people in my life, all types, from those who are almost homeless and destitute, to entrepreneurs, business owners, philanthropists, bankers, millionaires, and personal advisers to the top 0.1% of the 0.1%. Among all those people, in 36 years of my life, I have met someone who was like you once, MAYBE twice. You are without a doubt one of the rarest gems in this world, with an unbound potential. Were... Almost NO ONE one goes through what you did and comes out with the philosophy you had, especially entirely on their own, and of those who do, even rarer few posses the outlook on life, curiosity, and the mental skills that you had.
    8. Rassah
      So, instead of being lucky to be able to continue to learn about you, I find myself discovering more and more about how horrible of a loss yours was, for everyone. For the world. Others will probably think me arrogant for saying this, but I don't think even many of those who knew you - with all their love, loss, and grief - realize just how much of an incredible person you were. I don't mean incredible as in good to other people. As in unique with potential. It's not something you "know" unless you have been "there" and recognize the signs. Like someone who doesn't know modern art would look at a Monet as a pretty painting with pretty colors, but wouldn't recognize it for what it was. And a whole week later, I am only realizing and starting to deal with that loss now.
      I so wish you didn't have to go... I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you would have been able to surpass me in EVERYTHING. And I would have gladly pushed you up and help you aloft. I just wanted you to know that.
    9. PheagleAdler
      Rest in Peace, sorry to see you go out this way.
    10. Brassy
      Fuck you mutt now I drink for two
    11. Draconas
      Have a good rest red, after what occurred, you deserve it.
    12. Volkodav
      why you do this to me red,
    13. Volkodav
      Imperator Red
    14. Battlechili1
      I'll miss you. Goodbye, you wonderful person.
    15. GamingGal
      Goodbye, Red. I'll miss you so much. I hope wherever you are is a place deserving of you.
    16. Saiko
      Goodbye, Red... I'm sorry I couldn't help this time... I'll miss you.
    17. Riho
      Rest in peace, miss.
    18. Volkodav
    19. Xela-Dasi
      why do so many furries die in the road? Ill never drive again. I mean, a lot of people die on the road anyway

      R.I.P red you were one of my fav. members of this forum.
    20. Argonne
      Requiescat in pace-Red Good luck wherever you're going friend.
    21. Rayzr
    22. Algorithm-Dude
      Best of luck to you out there.
    23. mcjoel
      Good night sweety until we meet again
    24. Augmented Husky
      Augmented Husky
      Seems like I'm having the same situation >.<
    25. Augmented Husky
      Augmented Husky
      Hello and good evening Red. Just hoping I could meet a few other furs around the forum seeing as I'm so new here :)
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    OTR driver
    Furaffinity Page:
    Sheephound Bitch
    Once upon a time there was an angry coyote
    that did a lot of booze, grass, coke, and peyote,
    and sometimes wrote a few things that were fine.
    He created many a society
    where he hid his anxieties,
    and shunned all sobriety
    for the sake of covering cracks in his mind.

    He'd found a place in the dredges
    of a world lived on knife edges
    and said he was content to stay there
    because, quite frankly, he just didn't care.

    Then a day came where it all came undone.
    A woman appeared who refused to call this shit fun.
    She kicked down the door
    for once unignored.
    She walked in and saw a mess of a place.
    And a face
    yet defaced
    with the scars of a poorly run race.

    He looked up and saw a bit of himself, but with the markings of a ram.
    She was stubborn with hellfire--and refused to be damned.

    She nodded and said, "Let's go for a walk."
    He grunted and replied, "Yeah, I guess we'll talk."
    They treaded outside to a night thick and hot.
    Around the shed where firewood had been left to rot
    She paused, stopped, let him lead the way,
    and pitied how he'd led his life so astray
    as she picked up the shotgun she'd hidden away.

    She raised the gun and pulled the hammer back.

    He turned and, without much surprise, asked, "Oh. Well, how long was this coming?"
    She aimed for the head and said, "A long time, Honey."

    The gun went off with a blast. Fire from the barrel blinded the night. Birds screamed and flew through the dark. And to Red's surprise, when her vision cleared and the smoke wafted away, she found no one on the ground.
    She found no blood against the wall.
    In fact, what she found, was nothing at all.

    As if it'd really been her all along.

    writing, driving, talking to people, being awesome, being sexy, and general tom foolery in general.