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Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase., from Finland

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    1. Gronix
      It's exactly what it sounds like :V
    2. Chuchi
      Aww man, I love military stuff. I almost joined myself in the US, right behind my brother who joined the Marine Corps but I ended up getting fucked over really bad by my ex shortly after I had my daughter, and I couldn't trust him to take her. Which sucked because I was gunning hella hard for anything related to helicopters. But, such was not meant to be apparently, so I went for LE civilian side instead. But fuck yeah, I can see why you're excited!

      The best time for us I think would be any time after the 30th aka doshday, but I'll have to have my husband check all his work schedules because he's the taxi. Unfortunately, I can't (legally) drive here. Also.. I can't drive stick...
      But yeah, keep in touch on this and we'll see how the music plays out.
    3. Chuchi
      Hah, we're already covered in snow down here. But I don't think it will last much longer and that's kinda irrelevant. They look kinda cool in the snow though, gives it a bit of that 'warring in winter months' feel to them.
      But yeah, completely serious about my offer, but only if you're willing. Don't feel obligated or some shit, I will not take offense if you turn it down. More than anything, I'd just be concerned you had a safe place to sleep.
      And if we can't manage this year, eh, they're not going anywhere. When do you start your military training? Also, are you exciiiiiited? Any ideas/desires where/what you wanna do for training? C:
    4. Chuchi
      Yessir I do. It's d2desudesu, running with 'Algernop' currently. Same ava as here, can't miss the Krieg.
    5. Evan of Phrygia
      Evan of Phrygia
      hey sorry for not replying yet. i've been back and forth so i'm going to be stuck in a bit of perpetual work traffic for the night, but i've read your message and i'm working on a reply. i'll get back to you as soon as i can.
    6. KyryK
      Sorry i haven't been on Plug FM yet, i've been busy and sorta forgot. :mrgreen:

      If you tell me when you're next on i'll definitely join if i'm around.
    7. Evan of Phrygia
      Evan of Phrygia
      alright, i'll throw you something later. it's probably going to end up an adorably formal conversation for a bit since i'm not too versed in more casual speaking, but i'll try to see if i can use less cookie cutter dialogue as it goes on
    8. Evan of Phrygia
      Evan of Phrygia
      Hmm that does sound like it has a lot of potential. plus those aspects would be extremely helpful overall, and it would help me apply what i've been learning from uni moonspeak, and maybe even learn more vocab as well as more casual grammar/diction

      i've been getting an on and off moonrune education for two and a half years now. i did some self study alongside the courses so i was always ahead of the class but never really anything too noteworthy overall.
    9. KyryK
      I'm in the middle of an RP right now and i want to fully concentrate on that atm, i may be able to drop in a bit later but i've promised someone a few games of TF2 so i don't know if i can drop in tonight.
    10. KyryK
      Can't right now, i'm a bit busy.

      Sorry man.
    11. KyryK
      K, thanks man.

      My username there is KyryK btw.
    12. KyryK
      Damn! I missed the prog. >:
    13. KyryK
      Practicing magic.

      Yep, this is needlessly overcomplicated.
    14. Ayattar
      Me being furry? Ukko forbid.
    15. Ayattar
      Oh, I see. Then, I'm making you a godfather when we'll adopt Hinalle together with Pastry.
    16. Ayattar
      I'll bring it with me. Your alcohol is damn too expensive.
    17. Ayattar
      Touche. Not like I don't have them even now.

      Well, maybe one day. Was in Finland once, so it can happen again.
    18. Ayattar
      I'm here exactly the same as I am in life. Well, it isn't easy, it makes people either love or hate you, there is no room for betweens, but at the same time it's finitely satisfying.

      About furfaginess - no wonder since I don't treat furry stuff seriously at all. And when it comes to various deviations - I'm not lieing to myself. People have all the right to be fucked up and it's all ok for as long as it's for private use. Going public with it, with every kind of deviation tho - is another story, even if it's shared in an enclosed environment.

      I wonder how would I be if I was born and raised in some progressive western society tho. Just curious.
    19. Ayattar
      Well, thank you! But may I ask why do you think so?
    20. LizardKing
      Nah, the brown is for ex-staff (except when forcibly removed), and it's been like that for aaaaages.
    21. Aetius
      I miss you fucker.
    22. NightsOfStars
      YEAH. SURE. That's who she is. You don't like it, you can get over it or not talk about my sig. If you HADN'T noticed, my gallery is full of CLEAN art.
    23. NightsOfStars
      'I'm sorry', but if someone's character has a generic outfit that happens to include latex and a gothic spike collar that doesn't necessarily mean anything. And the look on her face is just to represent that she's a mellow person, not that she wants to fuck every guy she sees. She's not a slut, she just has a Rock Star Chick style.
    24. NightsOfStars
      "You've got a rather promiscuous forum signiture so I can't say I believe you when you say you don't go looking for that kind of stuff."

      I don't know what promiscuous means, but last time I checked, most girls casually lay like that on the floor or a bed when watching movies so I don't know what you're getting at.
    25. Mentova
      I don't have any porn of my character damnit!
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