101 Things that you SHOULDN'T do in a fursuit!

Discussion in 'Fursuiting and Costuming' started by steelbeard, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. steelbeard

    steelbeard Member

    Following on from my recent thread and as suggested by the amazingly wide-eyed 'Beastcub', let's see if we can suggest 101 things that you SHOULDN'T do in a fursuit - either because you'd stand a good chance of injury or death or simply because they're just plain WRONG!

    Again I start:-

    #1 - Roam the American countryside during hunting season!
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  2. Uzhas

    Uzhas Member

    #2 Operate a band saw.
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  3. kitetsu

    kitetsu pissy esoteric

    #3: Walk around with sags hanging all over your design.
  4. Ailure

    Ailure Member

    #4 Wearing a diaper so you don't need to undress for bathroom...

    I heard about that happening. I really hope it's not too common. :shock: I figure this fits into the plain wrong category...
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  5. TheGreatCrusader

    TheGreatCrusader Avast, Ye Scurvy Dogs!

    #5 Go on Jerry Springer.

    It happened. A person in a raccoon suit appeared on the 2/25/08 episode of Jerry Springer.
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  6. Thietogreth

    Thietogreth He who shale be ignored...

    #6 You shouldn't say who you really are in an area of fur haters o.o
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  7. eternal_flare

    eternal_flare voice of guilmon!

    #7. go to shopping.
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  8. steelbeard

    steelbeard Member

    Was that the staged one with the croc and dolphin fighting?


    #8 - Walk into goods inward at a slaughterhouse
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  9. Ozriel

    Ozriel Inglorious Bastard

    #9 Sexual Harassment (I.e: Person in Fursuit ass slapping strangers, or groping boobs)

    #10 Do not drink booze and then dance in the heat!

    #11- Do not walk into a church in a Fursuit (Exception- easter bunny), especially a Tel evangelistic Church!

    #12- Do not walk into a computer lab...( 7channers..)
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  10. TheGreatCrusader

    TheGreatCrusader Avast, Ye Scurvy Dogs!

    I did not see it, I only read about it.

    13. Go to a CSI convention.
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  11. Uzhas

    Uzhas Member

    14. Buy lingere.
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  12. Beastcub

    Beastcub Active Member

    15) sneeze (gets messy inside a head!)

    16) eat garlic (did that once, just about died inside the mask breathing in my own garlic breath!!!)

    17) provoke real animals (attended event at a dog park in a suit of my dog..i stayed outside the fence man as some of those dog wanted to kill me!!!)

    18 anything to do with mud (nuff said)

    19) go down a slide (ever get shocked going down one? now imagine the fuzz being rubbed by the slide)

    20) walk into a daycare/preschool/kindergarten (either you are going to get mobbed or deal with lots of crying kids)
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  13. Ozriel

    Ozriel Inglorious Bastard

    #21-Do not Walk into a bar (With an exception to some bars during AC)
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  14. AlexInsane

    AlexInsane I does what I says on the box.

    #22 -Do not perform brain surgery.

    #23 -Do not go to McDonald's and stimulate yourself on the Ronald McDonald statuette.

    #24 -Do not try to cheer up nursing home residents.
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  15. DarkTalbain64

    DarkTalbain64 Buff and Evil.

    25. Perform proper heart surgery.
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  16. AerusalePhoxJr

    AerusalePhoxJr Is worse then WEEGEE

    26- Sandwich....nuff siad
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  17. Raul

    Raul MSPicasso Maestro

    #27 - Go down a plastic slide in a polyester fursuit, and walk into a children's daycare center.
  18. AerusalePhoxJr

    AerusalePhoxJr Is worse then WEEGEE

    rule whatever 28- go to a swimming pool
  19. Raul

    Raul MSPicasso Maestro

    You're doing it wrong!
  20. AerusalePhoxJr

    AerusalePhoxJr Is worse then WEEGEE

    thats my line........


    rule 29- type

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