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    Hi.. little nervous here, haven't asked for critiquing outside my inner circle before.. But lets get started. First and foremost I want to acknowledge that I am not a 2D-artist and I specialize in 3D art rather then 2D and up until 2 weeks ago I have never seriously attempted to draw anything (If using a mouse can still be considered drawing?) in a few years do that the fact that I am really crappy at drawing with pens or pencils and lacked the patience to improve my drawing skills. However 2 weeks ago I decided to give it a go again after seeing some of Wolflong and Dragoon86's SFW art on DeviantArt and got the courage to draw my fursona. (Which is based off Aluka's body and the body/belly fur is the same as Wolflong's fur)
    With that being said, here's my first attempt at my fursona using a small 100x100 icon from Dragoon86 as a reference for the general shape of the head:

    And my second attempt at drawing my fursona, but without a reference.


    You can clearly see there's a major difference in quality between the two, the one with made with a reference has (in my opinion) better edges and shading then the one without a reference and has much better perspective(?) then the other. I'll be honest and say when it comes to shading, I'm not really too sure how to go about shading. I know the general idea is to darken the areas oppiset from the light or areas that are blocked from the light by another object but for figuring out how far down/outward a shadow should go and what part of the face should cast a shadow and shouldn't is where I'm unsure. Tips and/or suggestions for shading? And any improvements I could make to the second image to give it the same level of detailing as the first?


    Now onward to a skill set that I actively use and improve in almost daily is modeling. I've been attempting to model anthros all throughout 2016 and have improved a lot since my first attempt. (Which you can see here, and see the progression of my modeling skill here) I'll be honest and say that when it comes to modeling anthros I model them with the idea in mind of being cartoonish and made purely from polygons and no use of any particles as I'm actually going to be modeling anthros specifically for use within Unity 5. However this comes at a cost of detail that I desperately want to find some way of gaining back... Allow me to explain.

    I'm trying to model my fursona by using the images above, I have the basic shape of the body done and ready to start adding fur detailing (the spikey looking protrusions on the back/neck areas, or another/better example being the spiky fur on the head and neck here and here) but I'm not really sure about how to go about doing it.
    I am aware that I could "bake" fur particles onto a texture to give some detailing, however I'm looking to create *mostly* solid color characters and not characters with really detailed fur textures. I'm only looking for a way to create fur here and there that'll give the model of being a furry creature when you look at it, even though it doesn't have a furry texture. Any suggestions or help for this will be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Kipekee Reddington

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    For the most part he looks fine, but here's what I have to say:

    -on the first one, the shoulders don't seem broad enough. Neck looks wider than the shoulders. Also, I feel anatomically the right ear should be placed just a liiiitttle farther back.

    -on the second, neck is way too thick. It's like the shoulders don't even exist.

    So try to work more on neck-shoulders proportions maybe?
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    Nice job there in progressing :) as for me i`d say you need to polish your anatomy and using some model you can make from it ref for yourself . Drawing using different method of seeing world than sculpting , and you try making both , but your brain just have not enough info about structure of body or its position in space . I`d suggest you use Sculptris for making way more details , so you can make ref in way you more used to . and having it you can paint over in any free program like Sai or Krita .
    me myself terrible at drawing , but with using hybrid tecnique making 3d first i managing to make some results i like ^__^
    for example

    www.furaffinity.net: Hey babe , wanna ride ? by Emerald_raven
    www.furaffinity.net: Free dragon/scaly headshots practice #2 by Emerald_raven

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