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    Thought it was about time to share something!

    Sometimes I use Blender. These are a couple of models I made recently:

    An art trade with a friend.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    A model I decided scrap... Never made hair before, and it took me too much time making long, spiky hair. x_x Someday I'll continue/remake it, but it's too much for an art trade I agreed.

    It became my phone's background. Someday I'm gonna texture it.

    Now for the drawings! Now these are old, but I promise I'm gonna make more:

    [​IMG] ´
    I just love this one. It's THE anatomy I'm looking for this guy. Kinda impressed how I used myself to have a pose reference... And I'm skinny XD

    One of my characters... He needs a name.


    Childhood character. I still love Kirby.

    I know, this one is macabre.
    I used myself as reference on this one too.

    Well! That's it for now. Hopefully I'm gonna update this thread weekly, either drawings or 3D.

    Where you can find me:

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