$3-$5 For 1300-2500 Word Stories

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    Hey guys so I've decided to pick up doing some writing commission work! If you're curious about my writing style you can visit my gallery and read a few of my stories right here
    (Please note that some of them are old and do not reflect my current writing style)


    $3 = 1300-1900 Word story
    $5 = 1900-2500 Word Story

    - I can base it on art that you've drawn or gotten drawn for you, or just a story in general.

    - It can be kinky or it can be clean/normal

    - Kinks that I AM willing to write about are as follows: (Light/Medium/Heavy) Bondage, Mummification, Plushification, Hypnosis/Mind Control, Paws, Dom/Sub Scenes, Pet Play, Dronesuits, Kidnapping, Snuff (To a degree), Chastity, and Mild Torture.

    - Kinks that I WILL NOT write about are as follows: Scat, Urine, Vore, Gory Snuff, Hyper, Micro/Macro, Disgusting Musk and Erotic Cub.

    - If you do not see a certain kink on here and are curious if I can write about it, please let me know so we can talk about!

    - Please know that I can write from first and third person points of view so you can choose which.

    - I reserve the right to decline your commission if I find that it doesn't suit my writing style or if I just don't find the idea enjoyable to write (don't worry though I consider myself fairly flexible for the most part.

    If that has you interested or you have any other questions please message me on my FurAffinity Profile!

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