Commission (Selling): $5 Sketch Commissions

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  1. TheKanya

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    Mainly cause I'm bored.

    Sinice the minimum here is $5, This sketch would include either two characters, or two separate sketches.

    $2 per extra character
    Sfw only
    No character limit, if you got a spot, get as many as you like
    Only five spots open
    Can do humans, and any species but prefer canines. A goat would be fun though

    Paypal only
    I'll send you a sheet to fill out once your spot is reserved
    Half up front

    Think that's about it? Cheers'

    For examples, check out my FA , or DA

    Userpage of diamondredwolf -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    FourFires on DeviantArt

  2. TheKanya

    TheKanya New Member

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