A Commissioner's Perspective on How To Get Commissioned

Discussion in 'Art Sales and Auctions' started by BRN, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. TheDartKid

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    Goodness gracious. You have no idea how glad I am to have found your post. I have tried for the past 6 months to get commissions and have gone through periods of intense anxiety and self doubt, but I always tried to tell myself that continuing to post art will pay off at some point and that it was better to keep my cool than to beg for commissions and writing a sob story. This post here, confirmed my mind was in the right place. Thank you.
  2. TheKC

    TheKC O w O,

    This post was a good read, not only the main post but the comments on this post. Thanks!

    I have to say, Specialization my not work well for some. I can see how it can work. I don't feel I have a specialization or draw specific species, and becomes known for that. I've had other commissioners suggest to others to me based on that. But may I specialize in my own style. IDK.

    I am one that started out with low prices and worked my way up. It seemed to work for me.

    I'll have to try drawing free art to popular furs that I like. It would be fun.

    I sometimes envy you commissioners. I hope one day to have extra money to buy arts of my fersona or character. = w =
  3. Ryuu Girl

    Ryuu Girl Less Friends, Less Bullshit.

    Boy I would post this everywhere
  4. AvaWOLF13

    AvaWOLF13 Artist

    Thank you so much for this!
  5. Volp3

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    I will remember
  6. Ursso

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    Very helpful
  7. Agatha-Hart

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    Several of these points you've mentioned had me thinking 'I should have thought of that' but I didn't, so I'm very glad that you pointed them out. Thank you!
  8. Serena Elric

    Serena Elric Member

    This is very helpful but I've always wondered if I'm charging too little for my work. My aunt told me by charging too little makes people think I do cheep work, which is far from the truth! I put a lot of work into my commissions and I feel like my prices are reasonable but I still have trouble getting commissions.
  9. GesuGesu

    GesuGesu Member

    This is a very good post. I've been raising my prices to match other artists online so there's a status quo, but I also feel that I don't have much of a reach to people out there.
  10. Feliscede

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    Thank you for writing this! I'll make sure to study and try it out :)

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