A question about Flash, HTML5 and WebM support.

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by crow036, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. crow036

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    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but earlier in the year i heard Adobe announced that they would end support and updates for the flash formats by 2020. I know for a while now HTML5 and formats like WebM have been more or less the alternative for flash embedded videos. Places like YouTube are just offering semi backwards compatibility when it comes to embedding video which is now in HTML5.

    Fur Affinity still takes Flash animations from its creators but hearing about its end of life. Has there been any mention or talk about eventually replacing it with any of the more current formats through HTML5 or Webm (even if its with the same size limitations)? Or would that require a large upgrade to the software Fur Affinity runs on? I can still see support for existing flash as long as there are plugins or standalone ways to run/view them. Though even now there may not be any point to do so within the next decade.
  2. cobalt

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    Yeah... I'd like to second this question.

    When are we getting MP4? Flash is dead, and as a format it wasn't that great to begin with.
    I've done comparison compressions on video files and MP4 gives superior picture quality to flash, at lower filesizes.
    FA really needs to join the modern era. Technology has moved along, and it's time we moved with it.
  3. Firehazard

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    MP4 files can get pretty massive, though. If we're comparing, like, the size of a given episode of Homestar Runner, the Flash version is still less than half the size of the YouTube copy. Stuff like that is why pretty much all video content on the Internet is hosted on YouTube now. It's just not worth the expense for anyone other than the single biggest company on Earth (and as far as I know, they still run it at a huge loss, because who wants to be known as the company that shut down YouTube because it wasn't profitable?)

    And I don't want FA to do what Weasyl did and just let people post embeds of YouTube videos as submissions. Because those videos could get taken down or region-restricted at any time and there's no way to monitor that to prevent broken embeds all over the place.

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