A question for all furs. What is story?

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  1. What do you define "story" as?
    A linear piece of writing?
    Fantasies come true?
  2. quoting_mungo

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    I've got a degree in English lit. There's two answers to that, far as I'm concerned:

    - Colloquial definition: A piece of (usually fictional) writing, not written in verse
    - Nerdy definition: The linear sequence of events being told by a text narrative

    A piece of fiction does not need to be told in chronological order (is that what you mean by linear, or did you have another concept in mind?), but the events which it describes will with very few exceptions (nearly all of them falling into the speculative fiction genres) still be chronologically linear.

    EDIT: Go me derping on my lit terminology.
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  3. ZacAttackk

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    A story doesn't have to be written or inscribed, it can be imagined and told by the minds that contain them and passed down to other people for their benefit
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    Since the formal definitions were already mentioned above... to me, a story is just a series of events that is described in writing, orally, imagery, sound, or other various forms of communication, in the most dry and basic sense of the word "story".

    Storytelling is one of the oldest human past-times. It's part of what makes us human; our love for hearing people's stories (even if it's something as simple as asking how someone's day was), and sharing our own.
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