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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by SergalTechIndustries, May 5, 2017.

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  1. Didnt know where else to turn. Noone from has replied, noone from twitter nor facebook...

    My account was suspened along with the accounts of two of my roomates. One of which I agree with, but the other and mine are separate accounts. I manage SergalTechIndustries for him and am a collaborator for stories, comics and art ideas. Apparently my account was suspended, as well as our roomates suit making account as you thought they were his. They are not we assure you and you need to revert the suspension as it was vastly unfair to suspend the two of us simply because we live in the same house, and have information linking our accounts together on FA for others to access our individual profiles easier... This feels like administrative abuse.
  2. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    The forums are not the place to discuss account suspensions, as they are considered private matters.

    The right course of action is to email the appeals email as shown in your post, and wait for an admin to reply. This can take time, so please be patient.

    As a possible reason for the banning of the other accounts, if they shared an IP address then it is possible the admin(s) performing the ban may have thought they were multiple accounts by the same user, and therefore ban-evading, which is against the rules.
    As stated above, contact the appeals email account and place your request in there along with the reasons as to why you believe the suspension/ban was wrong.
  3. quoting_mungo

    quoting_mungo Administrator Staff Member

    Not the place for appeals - email appeals and wait for a response.
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