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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Pipistrele, May 5, 2017.

  1. Pipistrele

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    I'm pretty sure this question was already brought up on one point or another, but is there a way to avoid sex-oriented ads on "general" version of the site, and is there any separation between "normal" and "erotic" ads in the first place? I'm usually surfing the site with SFW filter turned on by default, and until recently, I kept "user-related" ads running, mainly because it's a good way to find and support some really good artists and rising talents, but over time, abundance of banners related to NSFW commissions and erotic webzines became quite obnoxious. The last straw that made me AdBlock FA entirely is a banner that advertised yiffable teddy bear mods for plushophiles, which is the last thing I want to see while trying to search for some good clean artwork, and kills the purpose of having SFW filter in the first place (not to mention crap like that shots the "FA is not a porn site" argument in the head").
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    There were two ads which were fixed in the past few days. Otherwise, any remotely NSFW ads are tied solely to your site settings. General = SFW ads, Mature + Adult = SFW + NSFW ads. All ads, regardless of whether they advertise for NSFW content, must be tasteful and not show anything explicit.

    Looking at your account, the reason those as were displaying is because you have adult artwork enabled.
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  4. Pipistrele

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    Oh, so I should turn off adult content in my account settings? I see, I'll try that, thank you c:
  5. Dragoneer

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    Or you can simply use to browse in SFW mode at any time.

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