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    Reposting this from Art and Illustration per recommendation from another user.

    I'm part of a game group that's focusing on parody adult/hentai games. Pokemorph, a game involving Pokemon anthromorphs, is our current project though we plan on developing it into a trilogy; Pokemorph, Pokemorph: Pink and Pokemorph Revolution. Some links to the game and sample artwork (haven't uploaded anything to Fur Affinity) will be provided below.

    We're looking for an artist or two that falls under one of the following:

    1. Can do anime art (preferably similar to the Pokemon Anime series).
    2. Can mimic another artist's style (to reflect the styles of the current artists)
    3. Has a style that compliments the other two.

    Someone who can do line arts would be great but being able to fully color the picture would be ideal. We're trying to give it a professional look and have the artwork mesh together between the artists.

    About the job:

    • Currently not a paying gig. We have a patron but we're mainly using that as emergency funds for the group. We hope that one day we'll be making enough to support the group but right now we're doing it for fun.
    • Be part of the story! Have your character join the M.E.S.A. or Prime Team! Complete with your own avatar, place in the story and custom pokemorph team!
    • Artistic license for scenes. Starting with the chapter after joining the team, you'll be able to create the pictures first while we build a story around the scene. Send a message to inquire more about this.
    • Not just Pokemon! We have other games that are shelved until we finish with the trilogy. We have games such as the Legend of Zelda: Ebon Goddesses, Vault 69, Dizney Whores and a few others waiting on the back burners.
    Main forum: Legend of Krystal Forums • View topic - PokéMorph (Update: v1.63 7/1/17) (NSFW) (game download can be found here)
    Deviant Art: DarkImpulses on DeviantArt (NSFW)
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    We're going to be hosting a live stream Q&A on Saturday November 11th at 6:30pm US-est. We'll be hanging around for 2-3 hours to answer any questions that the fanbase may have about the game, upcoming engines, pokemorph lore, whatever you want to ask about! We'll be conducting it through youtube. Just look for Dark Impulses, it should have our trademark purple face icon.
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    We're still looking for an artist to join the team.

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