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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Kyrugii, Mar 18, 2017.

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    I have recently had a written work censored for having a character under the age of eighteen at another site. 28 chapters, at a length of about 70K words, removed. Granted it was inadvertently in violation of the guidelines, yet they admit to not reading the entire work it still was removed. Admittedly I also hadn’t read the guidelines and from seeing content in other media, namely prolific amounts of pony porn I mistakenly assumed the territory I was in was admissible. I was clearly not trying to sneak cub porn in, and I agree that the guidelines are there and actually agree with the reason for them being in place. So please, do not take this as an attempt to reignite that debate.

    As my discussion with them continued it became clear that while they say they read ‘much’ of the story they continued to say is was largely sexually driven. Issues with cherrypicking parts of the work aside, who under eighteen isn’t largely driven sexually. Are writers here in the community supposed to ignore puberty completely? Can we not have some consideration if we want to explore what many consider the most exciting and adventurous time of life? As far as the guidelines were enforced in that instance, having an underage character the first time they show any signs of being a sexually driven adolescent we either must stop or risk having our work pulled down. I do not feel this is a suitable state of affairs for a community that wants to be accepting of works that explore so many fetishes.

    This happened at another site that I also post my work. Their notice at first shamed me as it was implied by the action and wording of the notice that in their view I was engaging in actions harmful to those under the age of eighteen. I also pulled the story down wherever I had it posted, including here. I feel that I am not and will not be that kind of writer. While I do write what many would call porn, and even I admit the classification fits so I’ll wear it, I do not feel it was cub porn. While the guidelines state anything under eighteen is forbidden, it was orphaned on that side of the fence because I placed him at a young age.

    I wouldn’t call for the guidelines prohibiting cub porn being removed or lifted, but the trouble is it also prohibits anything until a character is of a certain age. While no-one feels eighteen an arbitrary age, I was also advised by non moderators after pulling the story down that simply not giving his age and making veiled references should be safe. I’m not one to skulk around an issue. My story was intended to take the subject of sexuality head on. I placed him at that age for a reason. While I made subtle references to the idea that his world differed in maturity of characters he was still at the beginning of puberty. And yes, he engaged in a lot of sex though he was never taken advantage of by any character nor did he take advantage of another. If that’s considered cub porn, then I’ll drop the issue right here and now.

    I don’t pretend to be all that wise, or smart since I found myself in that position in the first place. But I also do not intend on continuing to present my work under such strict enforcement. The guidelines are there for a very valid reason. To keep cub porn out. Yet at the same time porn of cartoon characters clearly developed and aimed for prepubescent children is allowed to remain. I’m not saying take that down too. I’m saying allowances were made for that, but none have been made for written work where a character was in a world where maturity comes much sooner, but since he was pegged at an age under eighteen it had to go.

    A lot of you are smarter and wiser that I am. There has to be some way we as writers can be afforded some of the same consideration prior to having our works removed through the rigid enforcement of a rule that is porous in other media.

    What say you?
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  2. quoting_mungo

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    I absolutely understand the desire to explore the hormonal sides of puberty, and the sexual awakening of a character. I can see the argument for it being natural and not inherently exploitative. The problem is partly that it's a pretty thankless task to advocate for it (if drawn depictions of children in sexual situations are considered child porn in your jurisdiction, it's pretty much social suicide to argue that those laws should be changed, regardless of reason), meaning once legal restrictions are in place they're likely there for good, and partly that there are business/advertising/payment processor pressures on websites to impose the same limits on drawn or written content as the law places on RL porn (ie 18+ only).

    Erotic content featuring characters from "children's" media I don't think is a fair comparison - if the character is an adult in the source material, or aged up to adult in the pornographic art, well... clearly the derivative content no longer has the same target audience as the source material. That's kind of where that line of reasoning ends.

    The best you can really do there is select your platform carefully, read their policies carefully, and restrict your more questionable content to venues that welcome it, I'm afraid.
  3. -Praydeth-

    -Praydeth- The Trickster coyote.

    I am 14 & I believe I am mature, as do some others I have met on the fourms. But under no circumstance would I say that I anyone of my age could properly make a decisions about sexual relationships. You can't say that just because they are mature at a younger age it is alright that the character had sexual relations at the time.

    I can be working on a solution for easy production of graphene!

    I can be the lead world designer for a modding team!

    I can help someone get through a suicidal depression because I got out of my own & they needed guidance!

    I can complete a years worth of schoolwork work in half the time!

    But I can NOT, I repeat can NOT make proper decisions for myself regarding sexual actions!

    You need help please talk to a psychiatrist I appreciate you reached out to us that's a great start.

    If I find out you believe that there should not be attempt for you to get help there will likely be consequences.

    One more thing if you ever get put in jail for you will not die by death penalty but you will die. They would regard this as pedophilia & if anyone ever found out what you were arrested for you would be dead.

    Prisoners often have a history of being inappropriately touched as a child. Psychiatrists might say what happened to them as a child may have caused a chain reaction of events to get them into jail. If they find out that someone like that exists in the prison they will take out their rage on them & kill them.

    Get help or be killed in jail because someone reported you to the police & then someone slipped out a secret. (I don't think anyone should die for this please don't die over it because some one person thought you should be in jail no realizing what that means)
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  4. Kyrugii

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    Thanks for the clarification, and I understand all the reasons behind it. As they say, all hindsight is 20/20. I guess my mistake was equating the tagging system with general mature and adult to the interpretation of the guidelines in the same way. I thought there was a middle ground where it didn’t exist. The fault was mine and I’ve paid for it.

    As for going elsewhere, now that I have the 20/20 vision that hindsight allows, I’m somewhat adverse to going there for the same reason the guidelines were put in place.

    Lesson learned.
  5. quoting_mungo

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    I will just note for the record that age of consent in many jurisdictions is lower than 18. In Sweden it's 15, for instance. However distributing nude pictures is a different beastie from teenage fumbling, which leads to draconian child pornography laws. It's not as black and white as you're making it out to be.

    This is not an appropriate way to address another user. I understand that you are emotional about this, but you do not get to take that out on other posters.
  6. -Praydeth-

    -Praydeth- The Trickster coyote.

    That was not meant as a threat but as what can happen if he doesn't get help & someone thinks he needs to go to jail for it(like actually i'm finding out who you are & your going to be put on trial people are willing to do that).
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  7. quoting_mungo

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    That's not how the prison system works. Not even in America. And either way you were acting out of line; you're responsible for your own behavior.
  8. -Praydeth-

    -Praydeth- The Trickster coyote.

    Also It may not be black & white but it is a steep drop to the darker side of things. (How do I know?)

    I know why because a former good friend of mine was into child porn! He confessed & I asked how did he get to a point where he thought spreading pictures of kids online was ok.

    "It was for me a little while after I started writing stories around highschoolers that in parts of the stories they had sexual relations with each other" (he was doing as a "story" for a group that writes hentai novels)

    That sounds a lot like this person right here I am saying this in this way because I don't want him to go that far!

    That guy is getting help now but he says he is struggling a little.

    If he goes into the more fucked up side of things I feel like it is my fault that I did not prevent it.

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