Ama's Writing Commissions/Proofreading/Critiques!

Discussion in 'Writing & Prose' started by Ama L. Thea, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Ama L. Thea

    Ama L. Thea chewin'

    Hey, y'all! Just letting you know about this new lovely thing...

    I am a professional writer giving my services back to the fandom! I'll:
    • write SFW and NSFW fiction;
    • proofread your work;
    • critique your work;
    • probably a lot of other snazzy stuff, if you think of it before me.
    Multiple payment methods accepted. Check out my full ruleset, as well as samples, at Extended Writing Commission Info -- ama-l-thea's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  2. DrtraumaTy

    DrtraumaTy Sexy Turian

    There's such thing as a Professional writer?

    Does that mean I can be a professional turian as well, guys?!
  3. Grimm Hund

    Grimm Hund Active Member

    Can I tell you a vague summary of a story in progress in which I am unsure if the 'big plot hook' is effective enough. Basically, an M Night Shamalan twist, as in The Sixth Sense.

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