Analysis of Sexuality and fetish varieties among furries

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    Hello Everyone! I just wanted to say that as of today that the study "Analysis of sexuality varieties among furries" is closed and I want to thank everyone who participated in the study and gave suggestions for further studies. I hope to get this published, however getting a study in a journal can take years so I will come back and post information as I get it. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

    Thanks again everyone!

    John Lott

    Researcher at Kennesaw State University
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    Might consider filling it out after I get some sleep but you should know that being a furry is not a sexuality, just a hobby or lifestyle for some, in case you didn't already know.
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    Done, hope it helps :)
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  5. Fallowfox

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    You spelled 'defecating' incorrectly in question 18.
    You spelled 'they' incorrectly in question 23.

    The means by which you are collecting data is likely to suffer from a self-selection bias.
    An alternative means of studying the frequency of occurrence of sexual fetishes in the furry fandom would be to register an account on a popular furry website, like Fur Affinity, disable the adult-content filter, and observe the frequency of different fetishes in 100 randomly selected 'favourite images' of a sample of randomly selected active users.

    I don't know whether you are already doing that, but if you did it might be useful to help quantify the extent of self-selection bias, which itself could be interesting.
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  6. JResearcher

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    Oh i'm aware, we made this study to learn more about the sexuality and some aspects of identity that come with being a furry. Thank you for your response!
  7. Yakamaru

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    <-- Straight vanilla male.

    Not sure if it'll help much, but did the survey.
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    My goodnesses, thank you for pointing that out- I will go over and fix those spelling errors. And Fallowfox that actually is a great idea for further research, as I mentioned in the consent form, there has only been two studies on this topic so there is a lot of space for more research, i'm just trying to do my part to learn more!
  9. Mandragoras

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    I found it difficult to answer some of the preference questions as I was not sure whether you meant in a pure fantasy context or in a more palpable sense—there's a huge gulf with some of those—so I answered based on how I feel about those things in reality and merely selected what I found, well, actually interesting.

    ...I'm kind of kinky, for the record, so I have no idea what that's going to do to your statistics. Strangely, though, you didn't cover some fairly obvious things that I would have gladly given my opinion on.
  10. PoptartPresident

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    I have a question.

    Why specifically this community in comparison to a vast number of others?
  11. JResearcher

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    Well as we point out in the consent form, there has only really been two studies done so far on the furry community so I wanted to make a study to learn more about certain aspects of sexuality and identity in this very unique community.
  12. Simo

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    OK, done and done. My answers will help make sure we have a kinky reputation! But I am more of a rubber-fur, so the questions about 'fur' suits and such, I had to kinda qualify my answers: I don't find fur-suits something really sexual, but I love my rubber pup suit, latex fox suits, and things like that! The dry-cleaning bills for sex in fur-suits would be too high for me :p, and the insides of them are not really that nice feeling. So some of the questions were harder, but hopefully helpful. No custom squeaky skunk suit yet...but one day, one day...
  13. JResearcher

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    Well that's what we want is for you to explain as much as you can, thank you so much for explaining and taking the survey!

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