Angriest songs you know

Discussion in 'Music and Audio' started by Glider, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. Saylor

    Saylor More free than your average Murican

    Yes, I like hardcore punk a lot lol
    ....and when I was younger and also incredibly stupid, I would sneak alcohol and drink until I blacked out and actually go out and smash stuff while listening to these tunes....
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  2. DuranWolf

    DuranWolf Youngish greymuzzle

    Say F*ck It by Buckcherry
  3. MaximusLupis

    MaximusLupis Hipster Snob

    Billy Talent is pretty great for that sort of thing, I disagree with their politics (Socialist anarchism it seems) mostly though.

    Except this song:

    I agree with its message 100%
  4. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    I match your Justin Bieber and raise you a Rick Astley.

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  5. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru Mein Gott

    ...But that's a good song. o_O
  6. DuranWolf

    DuranWolf Youngish greymuzzle

    My jam from 1988!
  7. Guilleum2

    Guilleum2 Works too hard

    I dunno I feel like a lot of GreenDay is pretty angry. In like an angsty punk way. Punk in general feels angry xD
  8. Abyssalrider

    Abyssalrider The Autistic Otter

    Here are a few

  9. Abyssalrider

    Abyssalrider The Autistic Otter

    and lest I forget
  10. nerdbat

    nerdbat Green butt of reason

    Modern punk bangs (at least non-underground ones) have nothing on old school punk like Black Flag or Germs, though. There's just something about the shift of attitude in music - in 70-80s, musicians had much more reasons to be pissed about both politics (Cold War was at full swing) and industry (oversaturation of fancy, self-indulgent prog bands and label executives near-total control over popularity of genres and bands - after all, you couldn't just become famous by yourself through the Internet, like it is now), while nowadays, politic problems and music industry concerns aren't so overblown, so the whole "punk" movement kinda faded away, and we're left with "kinda-angrish" bands like Green Day and Offspring. Same thing with nu-metal (aforementioned Powerman 5000 and FFDP) - the genres that influenced it thrash/groove metal and grunge, were more sincere in its angriness, while in nu-metal the main concern is to make a catchy and approachable, energetic music, rather than make a statement about society. Not like it's a totally bad thing, since better approach to mastering and producing stuff (something old bands didn't bother with that much) may result in better sounding music after all c:
  11. TeliPuff

    TeliPuff Little Bear

    This is definitely the edgiest album I like, but it's really good for when you're really angry!
  12. TheRealKingKoopa

    TheRealKingKoopa Pixel Junkie

    My go-to "I'm pissed off and need to vent in the form of headbanging" tracks.
  13. LazerMaster5

    LazerMaster5 Lost in the Static

    Absolutely brutal.
  14. DeathMetalDeer

    DeathMetalDeer Cervine Master Race....

    Have you seen the music video for it (if it can be found somewhere on youtube)?
  15. Amiir

    Amiir Deez nutz. Hah. Got 'eem

  16. LycanTheory

    LycanTheory Free to good home.

  17. Alex K

    Alex K Guest

    Angriest Song I know is when my Papa gets angry and starts hummin furiously to himself
  18. xaliceonfire

    xaliceonfire Kiralee

    Emmure- Most Hated.
  19. Sergei Sóhomo

    Sergei Sóhomo Well-Known Member

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