Any concerts you're planning on going to?

Discussion in 'Music & Sound' started by MidnightDragon, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. MidnightDragon

    MidnightDragon ❤Cheez❤ I also love being my own person finally!

    For me, in the beginning of February I am going to a Neal Morse concert. He isn't that popular but he's playing his new album "the Similitude of a Dream". Maybe give it a listen if you're interested owo
  2. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru No "Awooo'ing" allowed

    I don't do concerts, cons or meets.

    Did a concert back in 2008 though. Don't remember the bands, but I know they were heavy metal.
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  3. MidnightDragon

    MidnightDragon ❤Cheez❤ I also love being my own person finally!

    yeah I like heavy metal and all that
  4. DuranWolf

    DuranWolf Youngish greymuzzle

    Hopefully Tom Petty and Bon Jovi next door.
  5. Mr.RainbowMcStabby

    Mr.RainbowMcStabby FEELING STABBY

    I am really hoping that when i have enough money i would be able to travel from Calgary Alberta to Boom Belgium to go to Tomorrowland, which is a HUGE EDM festival.
  6. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox This is what the fandom did to me!

    Yep, Guns N' Roses, tomorrow.
  7. DennyFrontier

    DennyFrontier Noir York City

    Im going to see Night Ranger in Pittsburgh coming up in April
  8. DuranWolf

    DuranWolf Youngish greymuzzle

    Hoping to see Bon Jovi, U2, Billy Joel, Tom Petty, and a few others.
  9. Wolveon

    Wolveon I swear I will not kill anyone.

    Definitely would like to be catching Fear Factory and Soilwork when either go on tour, hopefully Megadeth as well. Thinking of going to an Overkill show next month.
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