Any furs into sports?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Matohusky, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Sarachaga

    Sarachaga You gain Brouzouf

    @Royn: That's pretty cool! Never been there but it seems like a magnificent place!
  2. EdgyMemeLord0

    EdgyMemeLord0 Master of succ

    Well, it's about 990€ per year for adults and around 770€ per year for people above the age of 14 (and obviously under the age of 18) but prices may vary between different gliding clubs
  3. Matohusky

    Matohusky Guest

    Shit that's cheap as! I think I need a hobby change. I guess the running costs are fairly low. It is when you literally roll of the edge of a hill?
  4. DeathMetalDeer

    DeathMetalDeer Cervine Master Race....

    Do Motorsports count? If so, rally and V8 supercars would be my favorite.
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  5. Matohusky

    Matohusky Guest

    All sports counts buddy. Motorsports are generally epic and good choice with the Rally. I always go watch the GB Rally every year if I'm home
  6. EdgyMemeLord0

    EdgyMemeLord0 Master of succ

    How do you mean that?
  7. Karatine

    Karatine Call me kittteeeehhhh

    I was about to say Rally, lol.
    Gotta love the crazy Group B crowds, too.
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  8. Matohusky

    Matohusky Guest

    Sorry still think I have a fair bit of drink in my still from last night.

    I'll try again.

    Isn't gliding when you are towed by a light aircraft then released or I have seen that you can "take off" from going off the side of a hill/mountain
  9. Matohusky

    Matohusky Guest

    Ha some people are bloody mental. They have such a death wish!
  10. EdgyMemeLord0

    EdgyMemeLord0 Master of succ

    Basically there where I fly they offer you two options.

    Option 1. They have a modified truck with a big diesel engine mounted on it. That engine just pulls on a very long rope which (obviously) pulls your plane (fast... very fast.. so fast that you basically take off and fly up in the air at a about 45° angle

    Option 2. You're pulled by a light aircraft

    Going off a cliff would be too unsafe

    Sorry, I did the best explanation I could.. I'm not that great at explaining plus the fact that english isn't my native language
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  11. Matohusky

    Matohusky Guest

    Firstly it's fine with the language buddy both English is both our second language.

    I bet both options are awesome to do I bet. I really want to have a go now
  12. EdgyMemeLord0

    EdgyMemeLord0 Master of succ

    Well, in Germany going for the first option is much cheaper than being towed by a light aircraft, but you can still decide what you wanna do
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  13. Matohusky

    Matohusky Guest

    I think I may have to pop over and visit some and give it a go!
  14. EdgyMemeLord0

    EdgyMemeLord0 Master of succ

    Haha, okay... I only got to get about 36 starts yet... well, we don't fly in the winter so I have to wait... XD
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  15. Matohusky

    Matohusky Guest

    Oh never! Damn I bet you get itchy feet until you can fly next
  16. Somnium

    Somnium The Sparklewolf

    I'm into bodybuilding and strongman. Gotta look sexy and be strong!

    It's a bit weird not to see any more fellow bodybuilders in the gayest community ever.
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  17. Matohusky

    Matohusky Guest

    I agree with there! I'm far to lean to be a bodybuilder I couldn't cope with the calorie intake
  18. _Hushy

    _Hushy Socially uncomfortable, verbally clumsy~

    I used to go to the gym, joints let me down though. And I'm barely drinking age where most of you come from.
  19. Somnium

    Somnium The Sparklewolf

    Well it ain't too bad, only 1 18 inch pizza a day for me. (obviously I eat healthy food instead, but caloric intake is very similar and that is around 3500)

    It's not an excuse! You have to learn how to do exercises properly
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  20. Julen

    Julen ✮ Banter Squad Member ✮

    I used to play rugby and baseball. I practiced tennis for 7 years and i've been playing airsoft for quite a while now.
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