Any other programmers?

Discussion in 'Technology Talk' started by _Hushy, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. _Hushy

    _Hushy Socially uncomfortable, verbally clumsy~

    I want to see what programming projects people are working on, anyone got anything on the Android app store? I need another addictive mobile game..

    Totally up for general help too if you're interested. I use C# pretty much exclusively.
  2. Dino_Nerd

    Dino_Nerd Rawr

    I'm currently teaching myself ARM Assembly. I doubt I'll have any games up and running before the end of this year, but I might be able to hook you up with a tetris or pong game that will take up less than 2 kb of disk space.

    If you know of any big projects in the works, I might be able to assist with debugging at the assembly level for extreme speed optimization.
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  3. xofrats

    xofrats The cat said what?

    I'm working on a webshop for something called the student feel challenge. I will focus on php but if so get time I will throw some JavaScript in there too.
  4. Sergei Sóhomo

    Sergei Sóhomo Well-Known Member

    I tried Java once

    I don't think I've ever had more hatred towards any one thing
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  5. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    I'm working on a few projects at the moment, a large majority of my work is web based, the latest being a "service pack" for FA, fixing a lot of its bugs in the UI.
  6. EdgyMemeLord0

    EdgyMemeLord0 Master of succ

    I've tried Minecraft modding a longer while ago.... I got tired of the game and of java pretty damn fast
  7. fuckin nerds

 was a joke......chill
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  8. _Hushy

    _Hushy Socially uncomfortable, verbally clumsy~

    Wow, that's a little beyond me really x3
    Everything I do is personal projects, though I do have good experience now with C#.

    If you make anything just give me a link and I'll happily check it out. Thanks ^^

    Yeah I tried that route cos "oh my God open source and all that shit yay"

    Never again.

    I couldn't deal with anything web related, I get frustrated quickly. Good work ^^
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  9. Saiko

    Saiko GTWT Survivor

    Yeah, I code; but I don't do mobile development. Most of my stuff is either computational for practice or prototypes for research. Usually I use Python, and I'm working on swapping to Scala as a primary language.
  10. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    Sometimes I do too, when things break and you want to fix it. I've been doing this ever since the first beta idea was put out.
    I've done mobile development too in the past, but I haven't done anything in a good couple of years.
  11. Jes

    Jes New Member

    I'm currently studying C# & I'm thinking for my first project with them I'll make a web app that takes those crappy websites where you have to click a ton of times to view a list of things and converts them in to a single page readable form.
  12. ahrimanzora

    ahrimanzora New Member

    So there is an awesome set of replies here, and I agree with all of them. I've written in a *bunch* of languages and they all have pros and cons. My first language of choice is almost always Python but this isn't a well supported phone language. If you want to do mobile development you're really looking at toolsets. Unity (C#) is an "ok" toolset for phones with a big library, UE4 (toolkit or C++) may be great someday but content is home grown, Photon (Javascript HTML5) is decent.

    If you can pick a platform (Android vs iPhone), then there are customized tools specific to the platform as well. I don't like or look at Java, I have never tried Objective-C. Native development in either language would probably be limiting and frustrating.
  13. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    Having worked with Ob-C for iOS (XCode) it is somewhat frustrating, and I've actually found Swift to be easier to work with for that platform.
  14. real time strategist

    real time strategist "What's an airport, again?"

    don't really make any mobile games, sorry, but I am working on an doom (1 & 2 style, hated 4) like game to get used to C# (no, i do not copy and paste code)
  15. ahrimanzora

    ahrimanzora New Member

    C# is only XNA and Unity right? Or are you using some other platform I don't know of?
    Everywhere C# works, I think Python works better but I *am* biased.
  16. Fall

    Fall Member

    Python + basic C++ (same concepts, yeah I know.. just not much experience in it). Want to learn C# as well, I like the syntax better than C++, seems a lot cleaner language to use. Wonder how far it's practical applications go..
  17. metatem

    metatem The Yiffmaster

    I've done so many programming languages but never really made anything past a functional stage. Let's see how many i've done:
    • GML
    • Whatever the unreal 4 thing is called
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • Java
    • C
    • C#
    • PHP
    • Python
    • Boo
    • Brainfuck
    • Basic
    • Bluejay
    13 is a lot right? Also if you're looking to get into programming i would really recommend learning brain fuck it's very good at giving an understanding of what goes on under the hood of a computer and is super easy to learn.
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  18. Deimos MDT

    Deimos MDT I love cheesecake

    Learning C++ in my own time... I want to learn C#, Python and brainfuck
  19. Erikir

    Erikir Member

    Hello! I'm a game programmer in this studio: HyperBeard
    I know some stuff but at the moment I'm only using c# for unity ^^
  20. nerdbat

    nerdbat Green butt of reason

    Two years ago I put together a silly arcade game about draggy having knight nightmares over and over again - kind of a self-induced "create a game in 48 hours" challenge to test my skill. Never showed it to anyone outside my circle of friends, but if there is anyone who wants to test it out, just tell me, I'll reupload the thing for ya
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  21. JumboWumbo

    JumboWumbo Banned in two states.

    I can change the channel on my TV. Does that count?
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  22. StrangerCoug

    StrangerCoug Stranger Than You!

    I'm a computer science student. That counts :p
  23. Lucifurry

    Lucifurry New Member

    Python programmer here. Getting a Raspberry Pi for Christmas and I wanna write some small Facebook bots with the external Facebook Python API that I found.(nothing bad, just stuff to reply to friend requests since I add everyone)
  24. MadDraggo

    MadDraggo New Member

    I develop mostly in C# and PHP, for my work I mostly use PHP but we have several projects in C#. In my free time I like to use C++ and just build random stuff for fun :3
  25. Xaroin

    Xaroin Sprsh

    I can use multimedia fusion 2.5 (engine the FNAF games run in)

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