Any other traditional artists out there?

Discussion in 'Art and Illustration' started by ArtByScruffy, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. ArtByScruffy

    ArtByScruffy New Member

    This is my first piece that is not a sketch, done in acrylic paint ^_^ I have another on my easel I'm about to paint.

    Wondering if there are any other traditional artists on here, but it seems digital art is king in this world!

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  2. MsRavage

    MsRavage Hello!

    me!!! i don't have a tablet so i stick to paints, markers and color pencils
  3. kidchameleon

    kidchameleon Active Member

    I used to just traditional, but 'cause I'm taking a Digital Art course next term I've kinda been using my graphics tablet 100% of the time lately XD Really need to do go back to traditional stuff before I get rusty and forget how to :p

    Awesome painting by the way :)
  4. drawain

    drawain Artist

    Oh I do a lot of traditional art! From crayons to oil I use almost everything.
    (I hope it's ok to show, I don't want to hijack your thread. PicsArt_05-28-02.34.06.jpg I'm just so proud of my crayon wolf with the bow. xD)
    I think it tends to be more fun than digital art, but I hate that it has to be photographed/scanned. :/ I own neither a cam nor a scanner.

    Your painting is very neat. Proportions are just a bit off and you could practice some shading next time. (The almost flat colored look has something nice to it though tbh! It's definitely better to paint like this, if shading is still too hard for you and turns out muddy. But you should give it a try and practice it.) I also enjoy the background and the general amount of effort I can see in the details. Well done!
    Now that I mentioned crayons before I also like to paint in acrylics and then add accents with crayons. So I highly recommend mixed media approaches. They can lead to very good results because you make use of the best of each medium. :3

    Oh gosh and now I remember a local beer ad campaign... Füchsen Altbier(Füchsen= cute term for Fuchs/fox, like fox-chan). XD Their illustrations of foxes are as kinky.üch..._AUIBygB&biw=360&bih=518#imgrc=xdBxNZ6s22bwLM:
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  5. MsRavage

    MsRavage Hello!

    you have amazing art!!!
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  6. drawain

    drawain Artist

    o///o Thank you!
  7. shapeless0ne

    shapeless0ne a multi fursona kangaroo

    *raises paw*
  8. ArtByScruffy

    ArtByScruffy New Member

    Love the above!!! Y'all are a talented bunch

    I finished another one *blush*

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  9. ArtByScruffy

    ArtByScruffy New Member

    Ugh i do hate how this looks uploaded :/ it looks grainy and flat...much better in person!
  10. AsheSkyler

    AsheSkyler Feathered Jester

    I'm traditional! :)

  11. Langepon

    Langepon Member

    The Füchsen!! I saw them the last time I was in... Düsseldorf, I think. It was really strange seeing a delivery truck with these illustrations in the middle of the city. Still have some photos on my phone.

    Oh, and I also do traditional! I'm trying to learn digital but it's no good yet.

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  12. CrazyDragon

    CrazyDragon Canadian Dragon

    I'm totes mcgoats traditional! I used to do digital work but sold the Cintiq so here we are!
  13. Yoshitaka

    Yoshitaka Aspiring amateur artist

    I am, also my first comment on FAforums. Might post something when I actually finish. Both practicing watercolor with watercolor pencils and fineliners and also deciding to try to utilize colored pencils with crayons.
  14. AsheSkyler

    AsheSkyler Feathered Jester

    Good luck. I always make a gooey mess with watercolors no matter how little water I try to use. =P
  15. Tigers-on-Unicycles

    Tigers-on-Unicycles National Treasure

    I was originally a traditional artist, and got my first tablet about 6 years ago. Where commissions are concerned, I am strictly digital, because I can charge for time alone and not also materials and shipping, but I'm just... better at traditional still. I mean, it makes sense. That's how I learned.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Color pencil is my favorite.
  16. Yoshitaka

    Yoshitaka Aspiring amateur artist

    Mine tend to be vary in quality. Some look awe-inspring, some eh and some just ughh.
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  17. Yoshitaka

    Yoshitaka Aspiring amateur artist

    Damn, that's beautiful.
  18. Tigers-on-Unicycles

    Tigers-on-Unicycles National Treasure

    Thank you! =3
  19. CreatureOfHabit

    CreatureOfHabit The Bumbling Blind

    I do traditional (more or less)! The quality varies a hell of a lot and I have no actual, proper training with most if not all traditional art tools and so on, but pencils, pen, and a blank sheet of paper are better than nothing. I do use software to clean up and edit most drawings after I scan them, though, just so they look a little smoother and more balanced on the screen.

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  20. LadyFromEast

    LadyFromEast Traditional Artist, Architect

    Hi there! I'm a traditional artist all the way, nice to see others doing traditional art as well <3 It's becoming increasingly rare nowadays. I love digital art and mixed media as well, don't get me wrong, but traditional, both in the terms of admiring it and creating it has always been a lot more fun for me.
    When it comes to software, I only use it to fix the levels on the scanned piece and add an simple frame to each piece. Not having a calibrated laptop, printer and scanner really is a pain.
    I really love using pencil, lately I've also been doing a lot ink+watercolour aceos, ink/pen warm up sketches, but I plan to come back permanently to colored pencils as well. I wish the day had more hours though, so I could spend more on art!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  21. Benthehornyhyena

    Benthehornyhyena Too many stories, too little time

    Yup, but I'm a mediocre one compared to the others here, as I rarely shade.
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  22. WolfoxeCrevan

    WolfoxeCrevan HELLO INTERNET

    I don't have much supplies so ya. But I'm not very good. :/ imma start posting art as soon as I can tho.
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  23. MissNook

    MissNook New Member

    I do both. More digital those days cause for me it's easier to learn and fix my mistakes quickly with it and also because if not I would have more and more boxes full of drawings that I already have and I don't have that much space XD (not sure if my pictures are too big or not, sorry if that's the case -_-)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  24. Blight Hyaenodon

    Blight Hyaenodon New Member

    I still draw by hand and sketch.
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  25. h.g.pup

    h.g.pup tired artist

    For me it a sort mix of the two as just can't get my composition and anatomy right digitaly and it just feel wanky to me but i'm able to ink and color stuff digitally while all of my prep work is done in traditional for most of my illustration and comics stuff.


    g (1).jpg

    thought i also love to make stuff in charcoal a lot thought most are just still lives.

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