Any other traditional artists out there?

Discussion in 'Art & Illustration' started by ArtByScruffy, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Benthehornyhyena

    Benthehornyhyena Too many stories, too little time

    Yup, but I'm a mediocre one compared to the others here, as I rarely shade.
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  2. WolfoxeCrevan

    WolfoxeCrevan *Gayness intensifies*

    I don't have much supplies so ya. But I'm not very good. :/ imma start posting art as soon as I can tho.
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  3. MissNook

    MissNook New Member

    I do both. More digital those days cause for me it's easier to learn and fix my mistakes quickly with it and also because if not I would have more and more boxes full of drawings that I already have and I don't have that much space XD (not sure if my pictures are too big or not, sorry if that's the case -_-)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Blight Hyaenodon

    Blight Hyaenodon New Member

    I still draw by hand and sketch.
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  5. h.g.pup

    h.g.pup New Member

    For me it a sort mix of the two as just can't get my composition and anatomy right digitaly and it just feel wanky to me but i'm able to ink and color stuff digitally while all of my prep work is done in traditional for most of my illustration and comics stuff.


    g (1).jpg

    thought i also love to make stuff in charcoal a lot thought most are just still lives.
  6. Tapeworm

    Tapeworm Big fat worm monster

    I do some traditional stuff! Lately I've been having fun with watercolors and my fountain pen.
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  7. Yoshitaka

    Yoshitaka Aspiring amateur artist

    Some of my soon to be inked sketches:


  8. Adlynh

    Adlynh New Member

    I try to do water colors since last year, I'm not very good at it yet but I hope I will do better drawings with practice.



  9. MissNook

    MissNook New Member

    I think your watercolors are pretty cool, especially the last one (the contrast works better but the eye may be attracted too much on the bottom of the picture for that ^^)
  10. BasilClover

    BasilClover Character Collector

    I sketch and use Primacolors/Copics <3
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  11. FernyJWolf

    FernyJWolf New Member

    I have a very expensive digital tablet... that I never use. I looove making traditional art!

    maxine.jpeg bayson.jpeg meowwow 2.jpeg pikachu 2.jpeg uni.jpeg ]
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  12. BloodyBonez87

    BloodyBonez87 New Member

    I do traditional art! I want to take digital arts courses soon (I am in high school), and I want to get photoshop and a tablet but I don't have much money right now as I recently built a custom gaming PC from scrap. I'm loving this new computer!
  13. pandasayori

    pandasayori Flirty Watercolor

    Yesss!! I always get excited when I see traditional art!!! Watercolor and ink are my go-to mediums, but I have tried using Prismacolor markers. :')
  14. schwa16

    schwa16 New Member

    really cute doggos ;w;
  15. It'sBlitz

    It'sBlitz Member

    When it comes to drawing animals, furs, etc I use the computer, but when I draw planes and cars and landscapes I'll do it by pencil.
  16. schwa16

    schwa16 New Member

    i used to do more traditional:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and well shame on my but i started colouring digitally instead of traditionally BUT my linart is still with pencil recently:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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