any Stephen King Fans

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  1. cBubbaboy

    cBubbaboy New Member

    on here
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  2. Ilya

    Ilya New Member

    I am )

    But didn't read his last books.
  3. Ahkrin Descol

    Ahkrin Descol RELIC Specialist

    I find his books a little hit and miss, but the ones I can tolerate turn out to be really good (once they get going). Needful Things and The Dark Tower Series were brilliant reads, Finders Keepers wasn't too bad either. Under the Dome though... *shudders*. What's Dreamcatcher like?
  4. Ilya

    Ilya New Member

    Ha I can't read The Dark Tower Series, because it was too different to his all other books.
    Read something like MISERY or Pet's cemetery.
  5. Ahkrin Descol

    Ahkrin Descol RELIC Specialist

    Ah yeah, I went in with the notion of it's a book, not a Stephen King book
  6. rhansen23

    rhansen23 Sailorhusky

    I love King, his books are never really well written, but hot damn can he spin a good tale.
  7. Volvom

    Volvom Anthro Artist, Finland

    I like King's books, but sometimes it's so boring because stories are starting very slowly :/
    Then those movies based on his books are kinda funny to watch, because nostalgia ja memories from my childhood :p
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  8. Samandriel Morningstar

    Samandriel Morningstar The Morningstar

    Rose Red was a pretty damn good movie.
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  9. Volvom

    Volvom Anthro Artist, Finland

    True, it was just sooo long! And best shits and giggles goes to.. TADAAH! The shining!
  10. brawlingcastform

    brawlingcastform Smug Punzie is best Punzie.

    I haven't really read the books, but I do recall seeing a movie a few decades ago where this cat saves a girl from being killed by a troll, by knocking the troll into a fan, killing it.
  11. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    True, good tales, but they could be edited to half the length, generally speaking.
  12. ArtVulpine

    ArtVulpine Member

    I'm a big fan of most of his work, The Dark Tower Series especially my favorite! (Can't wait to see the movie of it!)
  13. ArtVulpine

    ArtVulpine Member

    That would be Cat's Eye which had three stories: Quitter's Incorporated, The Man that Walked the Ledge, and The Boogeyman. Definitely a good set of stories with their own twisted plots.
  14. DoeDog

    DoeDog Member

    I have his audiobook collection, this is the second time I am listerning to "It", 44+ hours, It would work awesome as a Netflix series but as movie I don't thing anyone is ever going to get it right.
  15. Iamabrawler

    Iamabrawler New Member

    Let's see... Night Shift. Needful Things, Misery and Just Before Sunset. I have Insomnia in my collection but I haven't read it yet, another horror author has been stealing my attention.

    And yeah, many of King's books are just too massive for movies, hence why they're turned into mini-series (It, The Langoliers, The Tommyknockers) or full-on TV series (Under The Dome).
  16. ExtinguishedHope

    ExtinguishedHope I lost my sock

    I've always been a big Stephen King fan. Actually, I'm rereading Bag of Bones now because that was a favorite of mine when I was younger.
  17. Okami_No_Heishi

    Okami_No_Heishi Very Happily Married For 16 And A Half Years

    A lot better than the movie.
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  18. Okami_No_Heishi

    Okami_No_Heishi Very Happily Married For 16 And A Half Years

    And The Stand took me like two weeks or three when I was in Junior High. THAT was my start of being a Stephen King fan(already loved his movies).
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  19. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    I only have one thing to say:

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  20. nerdbat

    nerdbat Green butt of reason

    Can't say I'm an uberfan of his works, but they are where my love for more mature and serious literature was born (I read the first King's book when I was 12 or 13, before that I mostly read videogame magazines and bad teenage fiction). I can agree he's mostly hit or miss - when he's not in the mood, he writes mediocre books like Dreamcatcher or Rose Madder, but for a guy who in his heyday could publish several novels a year, he can come up with incredibly well-written stuff like The Body and Misery. I personally like the Dark Tower series (even if it kinda goes downhill on the last 2-3 books, though inclusion of all that meta stuff was actually a great twist for the plot), as well as the books that were written under the "Richard Bachman" pseudonym, mainly because King took a creative approach to them. So, if somebody thinks that Stephen King's books are a bit too formulaic and similar, recommend Richard Bachman to them, as well as Dark Tower cycle, this is where he goes outside his comfort zone and writes crazy, imaginative stuff.
  21. tucakeane

    tucakeane Active Member

    I like Stephen King. But it's not like the animosity to him is misguided.
  22. DuranWolf

    DuranWolf Youngish greymuzzle

    I never read any of his books, but I've seen lots of movies based on his books. Christine, Stand By Me, and The Mist are some of my favorites.
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  23. Mr.Foox

    Mr.Foox Daddy Fooxy

    Hell yeah! My mom forced me when I was a kid to love Stephen King and I'm glad she did! It, cugo, misery, stand by me, Christine, carrie just to many to name! Way to many. Sorry if I spelled any of those wrong, I'm waking up! But I'm excited!
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  24. Okami_No_Heishi

    Okami_No_Heishi Very Happily Married For 16 And A Half Years

    I recommend The Stand. Great read, and the movie was fantastic with that allstar cast.
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  25. Mr.Foox

    Mr.Foox Daddy Fooxy

    Also it! Is being remade! If you don't like clowns then the original and remake is certainly not your cup of tea!
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