Anyone interested in a weight gain RP?

Discussion in 'The Tavern (RP Discussion)' started by J.F., May 19, 2017.

  1. J.F.

    J.F. New Member

    This is my first time doing this so, idk what I should write here. But is there anyone who would do the RP?
  2. BartBojarski

    BartBojarski Guest

  3. J.F.

    J.F. New Member

    Didn't expect a response. Thanks, but I'm just going to sleep now, so talk to you another time.
  4. BartBojarski

    BartBojarski Guest

    Okay. Tomorrow, tell me if you have any instant messengers ^^
  5. J.F.

    J.F. New Member

    I've got Viber, Discord and Skype.
  6. BartBojarski

    BartBojarski Guest

    Cool! Tell me your Skype or Discord ^^
  7. C4theSlime

    C4theSlime RP Enthusiast and fluffy protogen

    I'm down! Hit me up on discord. C4theSlime#9434
  8. burpgut

    burpgut New Member

    Can we rp on here?
  9. Vorelover467

    Vorelover467 Gut cuddler

    I'm willing to rp with you, if you don't mind vore.

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