Art Trades: Anyone want to trade?

Discussion in 'Art Exchange and Trades' started by KV Studios, Jul 9, 2017.

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    Hey! First time in a while being in a thread, I hope I'm not doing anything wrong...
    Anyways, my art trades are open!
    I'd rather draw anthro, four-legged fellers and humans are a bit difficult and I don't want to give you a stick figure man instead of actual artwork. On the topic of skill and effort, please have a similar skill level... I don't mean GOD TIER DIGITAL ARTIST but please at least be decently taught in anatomy and coloring, etc...
    If you're interested, show me your art examples then a character of your choice

    I'll only be picking a few at a time if it gets flooded @ _@
    Also, It's 4 AM here, sorry if I don't respond immediately

    I will do
    Armor/Weapons with reference
    Mild-Moderate gore
    Candy gore
    Paws/Peets (I just think its adorable)
    Maw Shots

    Brutal gore
    Any other nasty things, you know what I mean

    Here are my most recent examples...

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    I'd be willing to do a trade! Here's some examples of what I did today actually haha:


    They're not much in the way of detailed shading but here's my gallery if you wanted more of a look!

    EDIT: Oops I forgot to post the reference for my character if we do the trade

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