Anywhere to get fursuit feet paws?

Discussion in 'Fursuiting & Costuming' started by PastelPaint, May 22, 2017.

  1. PastelPaint

    PastelPaint Dapple

    anybody know where to get fursuit feet paws??
  2. Aces

    Aces Member

    All over the place. Etsy, ebay, that oddly-formatted fursuit auction site. ..

    Are there any qualities that are not sated by a google search? Be more specific and maybe we can help you out.
  3. sunnydancer

    sunnydancer Sun Dancer


    We make feet!!!

    I run a super small personal company Full of Full and I am open for a few more slots. My prices are all listed on the website here

    I post even more WIP of current projects here Full of Fur

    Let me know if anything strikes a fancy, or feel free to drop an email or message :)

    - Sun Dancer

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