Apple Vs. Android

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Apple or Android?

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  1. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    I found out an interesting piece of information yesterday. Apparently, people have strong opinions on their phones--those who have an Android usually crap on Apple and vice versa. Apparently, it's sorta like the Coke vs. Pepsi debate, or the Ford vs. Chevy debate. Anyway, I'm curious to find out. Which phone OS do you prefer?
  2. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    Android > Apple, end of...
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  3. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    Yeah... I agree. Although the openness of the apps can lead to viruses and stuff, I greatly appreciate the fact that you can download a ton of more things for your Droid. Plus, they don't call an arm and a leg, and doesn't come with the Apple snobbery. :)
  4. Saiko

    Saiko GTWT Survivor

    I prefer Apple. All I need is a phone and web browser, and my experience with that has been better with Apple.
  5. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    Being a closed ecosystem doesn't make iOS invulnerable to virisus, just less common.
    Pfft says the pleb that's never owned a good Android phone.
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  6. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    That being said, I've had my phone since the summer of 2015 and I've only run into those stupid hijack ads claiming that your phone is infected.
  7. Saiko

    Saiko GTWT Survivor

    Don't the galaxy S2 and 2nd gen Moto X count as good phones? I thought they were pretty good, just not as good as my iPhone is.
  8. foxicube

    foxicube New Member

    I like them both with a preference with Android.
    I currently own an Iphone 6 though bought a couple years ago and I still use it to this day. The iOS is simple and fast to use. I like it and it's enough for me. But I use android with my tablet since Android is the DO IT ALL OS. You could probably replace your pc if you had a tablet with android ^^.
  9. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    More or less, but it is a real pain in the bum to use websites without a mobile version on a mobile device. Such as FA. :p
  10. Lcs

    Lcs Well-Known Member

    I like Android more.

    Being able to customise my phone by adding different launchers and themes is pretty nice.
  11. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    Depends on what iPhone you're comparing them with. Android has come a long way since then, and vastly more optimised.
  12. Saiko

    Saiko GTWT Survivor

    I'm comparing them to an iPhone 6, but from what I can tell the comparison would have held for a 5 too.
  13. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    Well there you have it, that's like comparing a Ferrari to a soccer mom car. Modern Android flagships are comparable in every way.
  14. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    "Soccer mom car"? Don't you mean Minivan? (Or People Mover, if you're European?) :p
  15. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    Exactly, a soccer mom car.
  16. -AlphaLupi

    -AlphaLupi The Fennec

    Android, 100%

    I've owned two different iPhones, an iPod Touch, a BlackBerry, a couple flip phones, and about a dozen or so Android phones throughout the years.

    I mean no disrepect to anyone, but iPhones (and Apple products in general) are consumer bait. They are way too overpriced with shitty specs for the pricepoint, but they have a nice screen and camera because most people don't care about the internals (and seemingly fail to realize that better specs = better performance). The Apple OS is extremely restrictive, requiring a jailbreak if you want to do anything even semi-advanced. They look beautiful and they are simple as hell to use, so if you aren't a techie you might enjoy them. But you can't call yourself a power user unless you use Android.

    I can go on all day about why I love Android. Right out of the box they have a ton of customizability - custom launchers, custom lockscreens, hell even custom keyboards. Rooting isn't a difficult process, allowing you to use a custom ROM and to push your device to the its limits. (Nethunter FTW!) The key is to get a good Android phone, so don't be surprised if your cheesy $80 phone isn't performing the same as your iPhone 5 did. I see way too many people being turned off from Android because they purchase a shit phone and expect it to perform better. There is a bit more of a learning curve compared to an iPhone but it is well worth it. Android's abilities are seemingly endless, especially if you are a developer.

    Basically, Apple is good for the tech-illiterate who just want to use "the Facebook" or "the Google" and don't care that they are getting ripped off (or, to be fair, think the higher prices are worth the ease of use). Android is better for power users and tech enthusiasts.

    Edit: Forgot to say, iPhones can still be hacked, believe me. Owning an iPhone doesn't guarantee you won't get malware or hacked, it's just not as often targeted because Android (and Windows, Linux FTW!) have a larger userbase. If you practice safe habits online you won't have any issues.
  17. Jinx34

    Jinx34 New Member

    At least from a "general consumer" stand point there are next to no differences between a high-end Android smartphone and an iPhone nowadays, both are very snappy and do what they're supposed to do just fine.
    I personally own a Huawei Honor 7 because I don't need my phone to be über powerful

    Oh, and it has a 3.5mm headphone jack
  18. Zenoth

    Zenoth The average chipfox, doing chipfox stuff.

    Having used both I prefer Android for sure. I really don't like walled gardens, and found the sound quality of phone calls on the Apple phone to be sub pay phone quality. I used to be what you would call an 'Android Fanboy' but then I started to realize that 'brand loyalty' when it comes to companies such as Apple and Google was pretty pointless. Though sometimes I do miss the random 'phone debates' my buddy and I used to get into, he is a total Apple Zealot and that made for some good laughs when he'd be like "you droid can't do this' like um yes it can see. All the time lol, it was slightly comical.
  19. Sergei Sóhomo

    Sergei Sóhomo Well-Known Member

    Android because Apple is too restrictive in how you tamper with their hardware
    I happen to be an 8th level basement wizard so you are correct. The spell is called

    Lesser Summon: Mom's Minivan (S/P, G, U)
    : 5th level basement wizard OR 8th level Street Corner Salesman; 3rd if Chinese
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  20. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    Hehe... So far, it's seeming pretty unanimous! :D
  21. Andromedahl

    Andromedahl Unlicensed UFO Pilot

    Android, for sure. My first phone was an apple and it was ok, but the storage sucked and the phone felt a little too restrictive. Second phone was an android and I was pleasantly surprised that not only was it cheaper than an iphone, there was micro sd support and I could fit my entire music library in there now. So that, plus waaaay more customization options and a more flexible price point make android the best imo.
  22. Zenoth

    Zenoth The average chipfox, doing chipfox stuff.

    There's 1 vote for Apple !!! Shun the non-beliefur ;) LOL j/k
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  23. Saiko

    Saiko GTWT Survivor

    Okay, I get the price point; but why do people keep bringing up customization? What on earth do people customize? Even when I preferred Android, I didn't get this point because I never found any customizations of consequence.
  24. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru I stubbed my log on a car!

    Android>Everything else>A dead llama>A homeless guy's rock>Apple.
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  25. Andromedahl

    Andromedahl Unlicensed UFO Pilot

    added somethin.
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