Applying Human Anatomy to a Furry Character

Discussion in 'Tutorials and Critiques' started by OxfordTweed, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Athyr

    Athyr Cuddle Bug

    This has been so wonderfully helpful! I love how you break the anatomy down step by step. The legs and hands are always my weak points. This will so help me get back into everything and get my commission status going again! Thank you thank you thank you!
  2. Auren

    Auren Member

    Thank you, this helped me a lot. I enjoy learning new techniques.
  3. zacharida

    zacharida Crazy people are me

    omg thank you! it always bummed me out how terrible i am at proportions.
  4. Weiss

    Weiss Guest

    Time to draw thanx!
  5. LightSnake

    LightSnake Member

    I'm not really a drawer but with this I will at least try to make my own avatar :-D
  6. Vineheart01

    Vineheart01 Member

    Very helpful, thanks for the tutorial!
  7. electricfurry

    electricfurry New Member

    Great instruction on fur! The only thing I would have loved to be included is how to properly apply details to imply fur. Your last example shows what approach to avoid when adding detail but I wish I knew how to add detail in a more appealing way. My style is not as cartoony, which is why I need to get a good handle on portraying detail.
  8. electricfurry

    electricfurry New Member

    Your tutorials are amazing! They're some of the best I have seen, if not the best.

    I couldn't view all of them though, which is disappointing because I really enjoyed the ones I was able to see. The pictures or links for the tutorials below would not display.
    • Genitals
    • Furry v Human: Hands and Claws
    • Making the Face more Human
    • Feet v Paws
    If possible, can you please share them again so that people who view the thread at this time will be able to benefit from all of the the awesome tutorials you have shared?
  9. sparkyfenix83

    sparkyfenix83 New Member

    I NEEDED THIS SO BAD. Thank you :D i'm trying to get into doing a bit of furry art for my patreon, and cause so many times i have wanted to do it. xD <3
  10. Arko90

    Arko90 Dragon Lover

    Furry seems to be easier than human... OoO just hope it will help me

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