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    I spoke yesterday morning about editing this when I could get to my pc, so here it is ^.^

    Hello everyfur, my name's Rycon aka Logansryche. In January of this year my wife and I brought a Minecraft server online for PC furs to come and hopefully enjoy. The server features both survival and creative game modes not to mention incentives to those who bring other furs to the server, and donating to costs. The server is currently hosted with BlueFangSolutions, is currently slotted for 12 players, and has 7 worlds on it. I'm directing all that are interested to visit for more detailed info on the server, the plugins we're using, and the IP/Port of the server.

    I can either be reached by email or through one of the contact methods on my profile if you have questions. I respond best by Email, Skype, or Discord.

    Keep the good times rollin,
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