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Discussion in 'Art and Illustration' started by Foenixblood, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Foenixblood

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    I have been getting really into drawing and sketching and was wondering if there were any art supplies that I should consider getting. I currently have a mechanical pencil and a basic set of colored pencils, but other than that, not quite sure what to get and what would look good.
  2. Pinkaap

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    I think ordinary pencils are great tools to draw with. When you think you've gotten better you can maybe save up money and buy an 0.5 micron pen or another kind of lineart pen. Or you can buy some cheapish Reeves paint and try to play with that. Remember its all about having fun!
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  3. fralea

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    Mechanical pencils are better for lineart, regular #2s or softer pencils are good for sketching. Invest in a decent eraser (the big white ones are good multipurpose erasers) and once you are ready to make finished pieces maybe some sketchbook paper (thicker than printer paper so you can erase without ripping).

    Coloured pencils are hard to look good especially for beginners. The main thing is getting an even look that isn't streaky or with lots of white spots. Usually best to start light and work your way to pressing harder, building up layers. You may prefer a nice quality coloured pencil like prismacolour but if you do that I'd get some decent paper too. Less textured is usually better for coloured pencils (no white spots) unless you are going for a specific look so look for hot press (smooth) paper.

    If you want to get into inking you can ink on a new sheet of paper with a light table (depending on how thick your paper is). If you don't want to pay for a light table you can use a window with sun shining through or a light under a glass table. If you ink on top of your pencils and want to erase, make sure your ink is COMPLETELY dry or else you will end up with ugly black smudges.

    But really for just starting out, a #2 pencil, printer paper, and a good eraser is all you really need to learn.

    Hope that helps!
  4. Foenixblood

    Foenixblood 75% gryphon, 25% phoenix, 100% fun

    These have been a really big help, I'll look into these, check out the prices and maybe ask for them as Christmas gifts
  5. KrissySempaiArt

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    If you ever wanted to start doing markers which is what i started with
    Ohuhu is a really cheap brand but pretty nice quality too
    They also have some colored pencils that are mostly all good quality from experience , i honestly wish they were around when i first started doing more than basic sketches and stuff ! But pencil sketches and stuff are always good , and i agree on getting one of those nice white erasers . Id reccommend before doing any colored stuff is to get a feel for the lights and darks so if you wanna get fancy you could also invest in a nice pencil set . Derwent is pretty good and you can use coupons to get it way cheaper c:

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