Art programs! What do you use?

Discussion in 'Art and Illustration' started by KayJay, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. ArtVulpine

    ArtVulpine Member

    I used to use GIMP, but now i use Fire Alpaca, a free Japanese based art system. It's easy to use and has lots of tools.
  2. Fishsticks03

    Fishsticks03 New Member

    I use Adobe draw
  3. estiniens

    estiniens stargazer

    I do everything (including photo/screenshot edits) in Paint Tool Sai.
  4. lajm

    lajm family guy funny moments

    the good ol' paper & pencil
  5. RailRide

    RailRide The Real Wheels of Steel

    Primarily, an ancient Win98-era Photoshop wanna-be known as Micrografx Picture Publisher. It was the first image editor I knew of (other than Photoshop) that showed you the size+shape of your brush (in the form of an outline) before you actually started putting down pixels.

    After the turn of the century, I started to dabble with vectors. Vector graphics were total voodoo to me until I understood what awsomely smooth and editable curves they could produce. For a while I fooled around with a promotional copy of Deneba Canvas (an old version provided on a computer magazine coverdisc), but did not fully grasp how to use vectors until years later when I found Inkscape. I used it primarily to ink, and once did a complete near photo-quality vectorization of some car photos. I use it less often now due to practice with digital inking with modern digital paint applications (primarily for their canvas-rotate features)

    As far as "modern" digital art apps, I switch back and forth between Krita and Clip Studio Paint EX (the $210 version--which I got for about $80 since Smith Micro throws on a substantial discount twice a year or so*). I had CSP first, then added Krita around about the time they announced that animation support is in the future. (Right around the time they did just that, Celsys/Smith Micro added this functionality to Clip Studio).

    Krita's animation support is getting better, adding the ability to export animations in standard video file formats (MP4, MKV, etc) and most recently, add sound to animation. Enhanced support for vector graphics is also in the future. Despite having two licenses for CSP, I fool around with Krita for the novelty of having such a powerful freeware application. But no single application is my "one and only" anymore.

    While I haven't installed it yet, OpenToonz allows vector drawing of still images as well as full-on animation, so that is another free application to explore.

    Less frequently used are SmoothDraw and MyPaint. Both support layers and canvas rotate and are fairly small applications. I basically experimented with them to see if I could complete a project with them. I haven't done more than a couple of pics with either one since I have so many other applications to use/learn.


    *--There is was a promotion going on RIGHT NOW where you can buy a digital download of the pro version of Clip Studio for $79 until 4/18/17. Keep an eye on their site or get on their mailing list to get notice when they put CSP or Anime on sale again
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  6. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    MS Paint. Just look at my stickman, isn't he great?!?

  7. spacerogue

    spacerogue New Member

    Been using Clip for a few years now, I also own a copy of a newer app called Paintstorm and I can't decide what one I love the most ,lol.

    They both are great really, I try to use them both at what they excel at.

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