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  1. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    Hi there!

    Here is my art page if you want to check my gallery and show your support (or critique) :) Userpage of drayx -- Fur Affinity [dot] net )


    I want to use this platform to promote other artists and creators and work with them. I'll work with Digital or Traditional artists, writers, music composers and any kind of creator! I don't look for artists to be around my level - I don't believe in differentiating art.

    If you request drawing before this change - I'll still do it (I'm a fur of my word): However, I would be glad if you could contribute anything and try to produce art piece of any caliber!

    If you want to do a trade-off follow the following steps:

    1) say hello!
    2) send a link or a ref. sheet, pic etc.
    3) a brief explanation about the character (a short one!), note me if you have problem with the character being naked, NSFW, my style, etc.
    4) make sure your character is interesting. maybe not the most bizarre thing out there, but I'm going to choose the character by first come first serve AND personal interest.
    5) if your character is a: bee, other insect or a reptile you get a hug! (and if your OC is drunk, naked or cool you'll get one from Minami).
    6) Send me your request of what you would like to do as a trade-off.
    7) We both agree.

    Pay attention - if you have problem with variation to your OC (the exact colors, the size of the really important red spots, the length of the tail), please avoid request anything, I'm doing it my way and probably I'm not going to change anything. I'm extremely happy to work with flexible and fun people. The same way I won't judge your art if you differ from my OC.

    current style: soft shaded with background

    Art Done so far:

    Full body:

    1. @11Sharn11
    2. @jahpan
    3. @Suki262
    4. @Horsefur
    5. @Holy King Odin
    6. @LunaSnowwolf
    7. @cindybunny
    8. @Nicky The Husky
    9. @Kitsune633
    10. @Victor-933
    11. @Moondoggy
    12. @Yukkie
    13. @rinnox
    14. @Xing Tian
    15. @Jason Forestfox
    16. @SpiritWolf15
    17. @sandslash
    18. @fearlesstiger
    19. @Square-Wave_Kittycat


    1. @lord-bilingual
    2. @Forte
    3. @Wesrynvern
    4. @xwolfaroox
    5. @SeereReprobus
    6. @Nicky The Husky


    1. @~T.K~
    2. @Orion Pax
    3. @Joseph1R2P3
    4. @3Kurama3
    5. @redhusky
    6. @MirageofIllusions

    Character and Background:

    1. @Xing Tian
    2. @modfox
    3. @AliceGold
    4. @featherw0lf
    5. @Jarren
    6. @KyrieDarcorax
    7. @Belatucadros
    8. @Dodikabr
    9. @Mexia Jackalope

    Waiting for you!
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  2. 11Sharn11

    11Sharn11 Just another

    Hey there! I'm down!

    Refs are here: Sharn River on Toyhouse
    She's a bright, bubbly gal! Best described as a whirlwind; you'll never know which way she'll blow but she'll always blow you away! :D
    (She's also a curvy girl, big, bold and vivacious! With the...assets, to match!)
    I'm happy for you to draw her naked! She's most often drawn without clothes but with a "barbie-doll" physique to cover genitalia, but if this is a NSFW piece then I'm happy for her to match her NSFW reference!
    And I am of course over 18!

    Regardless of whether you pick my girl or not, I'm happy to see where this goes! I look forward to seeing it!
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  3. Suki262

    Suki262 Active Member

    I would be willing to help you out with your developing art skills... Tell ya what, I would let you use one of my oc's as practice Al (Concept art).png
    Note me here or on my page Userpage of suki262 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net when the progress is complete or you have any other further questions you would like to ask me.
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  4. jahpan

    jahpan New Member

    Ahh perhaps my two feline characters? They are a couple, and if not both just Kaynigh in like a pinup or tied down?

    Kaynigh/female/ outgoing,happy, sweet:
    Kaynigh, Nighko, and Candee on Toyhouse

    and with her bf Nighko, gentleman, sweet, caring:
    Kaynigh, Nighko, and Candee on Toyhouse

    Or if you don't like felines/anthros, I got two couples that are elf/human/pony hybrid:

    Kaynigh Human OC on Toyhouse
    -Requiem, Kaynigh's lover. Requiem is dominant, teasing, and stealthy.

    Kaynigh human form:
    Kaynigh Human OC on Toyhouse
    -submissive, coy, shy,

    picture of them:
    Kaynigh Human OC on Toyhouse
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  5. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    update- first character, Sharn (of 11Sharn11), hope you like it :)
    a censored version (the uncensored one will be submitted tomorrow on furaffinity):
    (Do you also want to have your character drawn? still can!)

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  6. Horsefur

    Horsefur mountain mew

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  8. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    Second character update: Kaynight of @jahpan! (Why did you ever think that I don't like anthro?) Hope you happy with her.
    This one was a bit tricky (3 different fur color, stars, tail and everything)- but it was fun nonetheless.
    You could see an exposed version of her on my page in the next few days.


    Who is next on the list?:
    3. @Suki262
    4. @Horsefur
    5. @Holy King Odin
    6. available
    7. available
    8. available
    9. available
    10. available

    You can still get your own OC drawn!
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  9. Kitsune633

    Kitsune633 Mercenary Writer

  10. Forte

    Forte Furry Fox Maestro

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  11. Would you be willing to draw my fursona? Its my profile picture. The only thing special is i guess the whitish part on him goes a little to his back and forms a heart just below the tail. Feel free to do whatever you like with it :p
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  12. Wesrynvern

    Wesrynvern Member

    Can I have one please? Her
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  13. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    OK, Next one:

    Of @Suki262 ! Here you go

    I have a warm place for bunnies in my heart.
    So naturally I enjoyed it.
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  14. LunaSnowwolf

    LunaSnowwolf Luna Snowwolf

    hello there! and thank you for doing something so nice for people <3
    Here is my bat gal Xion: xion the egyptian fruit bat! — Weasyl
    Shes a egyptian fruit bat and is silly and playful who is ALWAYS curious for adventures and new friends
    naked or not? hmm you decide artist choice <3
    and YES well over 18 hehe
    thank you again and keep up the amazing work!
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  15. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    A male character this time:


    The Cougar is OC of @Horsefur !
    Real fun drawing him. I needed some practice of male drawings.
    With 4 characters already the combine picture is starting to look interesting, but I intend to submit them all also as standalone.
    Hope you like it, and if you want your OC you can still try out in this thread, or send me a note to my furaffinity account (don't be shy).
    Thanks for all the comments so far!
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  16. All#the#fuR

    All#the#fuR Everything changed when the Fire Nation killed God

    Can you plezz make me one. He is my profile pic X3
  17. Suki262

    Suki262 Active Member

    Lol d'aww thx I actually love the piece.. Make sure to tag me into it when ya post it on FA so I could fav the hell out of this xD
  18. cindybunny

    cindybunny Animatronic Bunny

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  19. Victor-933

    Victor-933 1,950 Pounds of Mayonnaise

    Hey, how's it going? Nice art style, I like the softness of it.

    I was wanting to get a new character drawn but... I actually haven't made her yet. So, I guess I'll just give Fleet Commandant Gu'Tanoth some love to commemorate the latest bout of revisions in my sci-fi universe's lore (which is why I'm calling him Fleet Commandant even though the refsheet says otherwise).

    I'd prefer him clothed and in uniform (he IS a highly decorated alien military officer, after all).

    Here's his ref: [C] Fleet Admiral So'Tasa Gu'Tanoth - Ref Sheet by Victor-933

  20. supermyteun

    supermyteun New Member

    Could you draw me a sexy human?

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