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Discussion in 'Art Exchange and Trades' started by Drayx, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. TheOneRealPotato

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    I just want to see how others draw Fhurnon, so here goes:

    He's an anthro-demonic-fox-wolf hybrid, who has a rather trendy fashion choice of black canvas shoes, black jeans, a plain black tee (either round neck or V neck) and a purple, red or blue plaid shirt. Occasionally has a gold pocket watch with a fairly sizeable but narrow chain.
  2. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    B-but... you changed it halfway! It started fine! Here I thought - one normal furry and almost finished with the drawing - but no! all of a sudden wild clothes appear! A full wardrobe!
    What is it with sending OC reference sheet with naked wolves and canines - and then add some clothes description!
    And what is a demonic X? How do you portrait a demonic type? horns? 666 on his back? long fangs? - that's just cliche! (go and see Nosferatu 1972 for the most cliche devil-like vampire movie...uhh so boring design)
    How am I supposed to know what to do? Have you met with Asmodeus lately? ...


    - Minami
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  3. Xing Tian

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    I knew you where gonna say something like that XD)
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  4. Jarren

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  5. TheOneRealPotato

    TheOneRealPotato Professional potato in disguise

    By demonic, I literally just mean harbinger of doom... Basically, troublemaker.
  6. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    I love Doom! Eat some chainsaw ye monsters from abyssal Mars!!! Eat some chaaaaaainsaaaaaaaw!!!!
  7. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    Is it still art-request headline? that's so old fashion and boring .... ART QUEST more like it! That's a video-game name for you.
    Would like to give it a shot! But I'm about to die a horrible death by my alarm clock if I won't go to bed. Just hate that fairy-like music so much....

    Minami sketch night.jpg

    - Minami
  8. Rant

    Rant Haters Gonna Hate

    XD lol shes a Pheodra, idk why she has a mask anymore she just does. Super cute chibi!
    Wanna color it and make it harder on yourself? ((The last ref is an unfinished one and im not sure if it ever will be but its too cool to waste.))

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  9. NorthernStorm

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    I really like your drawing skills, I am hoping you could do a sketch for me
    The ref: Cyborg Lizard Commando by TheNorthernStorm
    A brief summary: he is a wild card who just so happens to be a hired gun, he can and will get the job done but will do it in his own way. He tends to be charismatic about his work, sometimes going a bit trigger happy with his trusty dual wield pistols.

    Let me know if you need more, and can I get one of those hugs?
  10. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    First experiment o Minami-live stream adventure!
    What this shiny button do?... (go watch me on Picarto.TV - Drayx's Channel if you have nothing else to do!)

    First of all Minami gives the big bad lizard a hug, because reptiles are cool!

    Secoooooond... "just happened to be a hired gun?" how do you suddenly become a mercenary so nonchalantly? Is it so casual like a walk in a park?...
    But forget about that -will get the job done but will do it in his own way - what is "his own way" for all the blazing scales?! Does he sends flowers and a bottle of fine wine as a foreplay? Does he start with the knees and go upwards till he gives you a haircut? And how can you do such a work charismatically? ....

    I'll give it a go -_-

    - Minami
  11. Xing Tian

    Xing Tian Active Member

    name: safa rice

    age: 22

    gender: female

    sexuality: bi

    likes: singing, parties, beach walks, family, reading, baths, water

    dislikes: very small animals, poor water quality, bad books and food

    looks: safa rice is a very tall (2.8 meters) african elephant and sperm whale hybrid with a sperm whale like head however she also has a elephant trunk coming out of the 'nose' of the whales head, including the tusks the come out the side of her mouth, safa also has a more elephant like body with the slightly stubby looking elephant legs and feet but with the more anthro like hands and arms, she also has quite a large belly on her too which fits with both her elephant and whale features. safa also has, unlike most elephants, a long whale like tail that comes off her back at her tail bone like any other tale would. she also has whale like teeth too which are normally always showing because she likes to talk, smile etc, she also has two elephant like earsthat flap down the sides of her head behind her ears and she also has rather normal looking brown dreadlocks that go over and behind her ears too

    marking, colour and clothing: safa has quite a lot of different markings on her, normally conisting of red tatoos that go from her hands to her shoulders and red and black tribal tatoos on her belly and on her back which are different colours such as orange, red, black and of course gold, she also has golden ring piercings on both her tusks, five on each tusk while also having lip piercings on her lips and one similer one on her tongue. safa also wears a few different coloured bracelets and necklaces, her ears also have ring piercings in them but are larger then the ones on her tusks and only one on each ear at the lobe

    safa's natural markings are under her mouth, the front of her 'nose' before the trunk and on her tale and down her spine, these areas are usually white and a light gray because of her whale side unlike her dark brownish gray elephant like body (she also has four ring piercings on her tail, two on each thin)
  12. NorthernStorm

    NorthernStorm King Emperor of stealing your girl

    Thanks, imma be honest I don't really know my characters back story. I'm still trying to figure out what it is as well as what he does. I made him based off of genetically enhanced soldiers who work for the government, like solid Snake from metal gear. While also trying to incorporate my random energetic attitude into his personality. If my description came off unclear then I apologize, if you want you could give me critiques about the character. Tell me what you see when you look at him
  13. Xing Tian

    Xing Tian Active Member

    i read half way through this message and thought of master chief from halo XD
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  14. NorthernStorm

    NorthernStorm King Emperor of stealing your girl

  15. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    Lizardlyby minami.jpg

    - Lizards are fun, badass lizards
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  16. NorthernStorm

    NorthernStorm King Emperor of stealing your girl

    Oh snap this looks amazing, thank you so much
  17. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    Sure thing! Lizards rock!

    And about the character, think a bit outside the archetype of a soldier/ mercenary. Well, OK, maybe he is just crazy about battle and shooting - but that's it?
    What about a more soft side? Does he love animals? Children? Plants?
    Does he have any other ambition?
    Layered characters are the most interesting and provide a more deep perspective for their actions and decisions.

  18. NorthernStorm

    NorthernStorm King Emperor of stealing your girl

    Yeah that's something to think about, alright cool
  19. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    Gonna do one or two stream sketches tonight using tablet + Beer (NSWF art), till falling asleep.
    Priority for newcomers!
    Meanwhile, waiting for some suggestions, you can watch me drawing a really not-so-sexy bunny on: Picarto.TV - Drayx's Channel

    - Minami
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  20. Julen

    Julen ✮ Banter Squad Member ✮

    Oh hey there!
    Just a little question. Do the sketches need to be NSFW or they can be SFW as well? :3

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