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Discussion in 'Art Exchange and Trades' started by Drayx, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. sandslash

    sandslash Drunk Sandslash

    Thanks that appreciated. Can I your permission to put on my fa? :)
  2. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    Sure thing :)
  3. khoufu

    khoufu Member

    Edited my request to say SFW.
  4. fearlesstiger

    fearlesstiger Dreamslayer

    Finally got around to editing in SFW to my request.
  5. micole66

    micole66 Member

    You can draw for me an anthrophomorphic female jet plane?
  6. AliceGold

    AliceGold New Member

    Good evening!
    i don't have a full colour pic of her yet but she is a white bunny. with black spots (one around the eye), Tail is back too. Green eyes.
    Hair is in the image. But in a white colour.

    Alice spent a long time living on the farm but is happier when she is able to go on PawBook and check up in her friends. She Sims to become a chef but is scared about leaving her large family behind.
    She is loyal to a fault often giving up her own wishes to ensure her friends happiness.

    I'd be nice if she had a basic tank top and shorts but I'm not overly fussed also can i have a full body?

    Edit: got a commission of her done! So u have a image to work off (clothes aren't overly important. But simple is fine)

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  7. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    Cool! I had fun working on the red fur pattern especially with Amber ale by my side (Probably missed a detail or two...) :

    Fear Anthro mini.jpg

    Next step?...
  8. fearlesstiger

    fearlesstiger Dreamslayer

    Wow, it came out great. Glad to see you chose to do his anthro form, the tail being as long as his legs is a nice touch. The only detail I can see that's missing is a very minor one, the notch in his ears.
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  9. featherw0lf

    featherw0lf Lovable Dorky Werewolf

    Hiya! If you're still doing these I'd love to throw my character in for consideration! Alex Reference Sheet by featherw0lf
    He's a werewolf with an extremely simple design, but he's got a lot of personality and can be drawn in a variety of ways (monstrous, feral, ect). Feel free to do whatever you want with him.
    Thanks for considering!
  10. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    I knew it! Don't drink and draw. But I cannot help myself, it was a long day afterall...
    Glad you like it anyway ^_^
  11. fearlesstiger

    fearlesstiger Dreamslayer

    LOL Never thought someone would have to be drunk to draw my character this well. Just notices another goof that I don't really mind, the fact that only the bridge of his nose and his lower jaw should be red instead of his whole muzzle. I'll let that slide though since the original versions' muzzle was entirely red around to mouth.
  12. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    Drunk?! Barely intoxicated! But if I would it would be even more awesome.
  13. fearlesstiger

    fearlesstiger Dreamslayer

    *rolls eyes* Oh, is that so?
  14. NorthernStorm

    NorthernStorm King Emperor of stealing your girl

    Did I ask for a drawing from you yet? Or has the window been closed forever?
  15. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    Hmmm... Let me recall... Lizard with double pistols? yep. It wasn't even that long time ago :)
    For now I'm working on my own stuff. Maybe the window will be open later next week (but I give priority for new fursona).
  16. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    Well, I had some spare time to work on him, since there aren't so many cats around here I decided to give it a try (I needed to add some cloth).
    Lian mini.png
  17. fearlesstiger

    fearlesstiger Dreamslayer

    Just realized one of the other things that was bugging me, you got a little generous with the red fur on the muzzle. Only his lower jaw is suppose to be red, at least in my preferred version that I drew, because the whole muzzle being red makes it look too squared.
  18. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

  19. Rant

    Rant Haters Gonna Hate


    I've totally missed the boat here lol

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