Artists: How do you handle different styles from your own?

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    I'm hoping to be able to take commissions someday, but one thing that kind of worries me is being given a reference to a character that is just in a completely different style from mine. I do not draw anime style, flat-faced humany kinda furries (if there's a term for them, I don't know it!) but I see a lot of people with that art style for their reference and I would not know where to begin drawing that character. If the character is described as a wolf and has a flat anime face, what would I be expected to do here? I would normally draw a wolf with a prominent muzzle but is the commissioner expecting me to replicate the style their reference is in? I'm not sure I can do that.

    What do you folks do in that sort of situation?
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    You draw it in your style. Your customer chose you because of your style. If they wanted it like their reference, they could just commission whoever drew the reference again (or if they did it themselves, they'd do it). Like if I wanted that flat face anime style, I wouldn't commission someone who only has examples of feral art.

    If nothing else, just ask them! Make it clear that you plan to draw it your way before committing to the commission.
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