Bug/Site Problem: Avatar does not change

Discussion in 'Main Site and Forum Support' started by Amurensis, Mar 9, 2017.

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    It would appear the server is not updating which avatar you wish to use as your current one, this could potentially be a caching issue on the server, but I cannot be sure at this time.

    It appears this bug may have been reported before as a variant of it is present on the Known/Reported bugs thread by AsiaNeko (Link below for your reference.)

    I would advise, if you haven't already, to submit a trouble ticket with the following information to the site staff, and they should be able to help correct the situation, either by giving you some guidance or they can manually switch the two over so the newer one takes its place.

    For your benefit, I have visited your page and confirm the same effect, I see two different avatars for the same username.

    Link to AsiaNeko's thread: forums.furaffinity.net: Known & Reported Issues (Main Site)
  3. Amurensis

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    Oh thanks :3

    I have create a ticket.
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    Did you try pressing F5
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