Free Art: Back again and ready to draw!

Discussion in 'Art Exchange and Trades' started by RufusIsTrueBeauty, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. AceWolfGaming

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  2. RufusIsTrueBeauty

    RufusIsTrueBeauty Cool Dude

    Yep! Just taking some time, as art does, but feel free to give me your ideas and I'll see if they catch my eye!
  3. RufusIsTrueBeauty

    RufusIsTrueBeauty Cool Dude

    Here he is! It was interesting to try combining an element of sadness with a smile, I hope you like it!
    Yuuto for BartBojarski.png
  4. BartBojarski

    BartBojarski Guest

    Oooooh, this is awesome, thank you! ^^
  5. is this still open ? :p
  6. RufusIsTrueBeauty

    RufusIsTrueBeauty Cool Dude

    Here you go! An interesting expression to draw, thank you, I hope you like her!
    Mexia for Mexia Jackalope.png
  7. Oh!!! So cool!!
    Thank you!!!
  8. Tigers-Shadow

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  9. Haberdash

    Haberdash Active Member

  10. RufusIsTrueBeauty

    RufusIsTrueBeauty Cool Dude

    Here you go friend! I hope you and your boyfriend like it! :)
    Krazin for Dandorm.png
  11. xwolfaroox

    xwolfaroox Jix the Wolfaroo

    Hey! Thank you so much for the opportunity! I love your art style!
    This is Jix. He is generally happy so maybe make him look excited or even a bit silly if you want to!
    Thank you :)
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  12. RufusIsTrueBeauty

    RufusIsTrueBeauty Cool Dude

    This one was a lot of fun to draw! I hope you like it!
    Jake for WolfyJake.png
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  13. Yvvki

    Yvvki Sassy lesser panda.

    Ok for personality, she is dorky, and shy, but has these sudden moments of bravery even though it stresses her out. She's also very huggable and dislikes misunderstandings and is a romantic at heart. Oh shes also kind of fat. ;v;

    Also I'm asking because in your post you said you're still accepting and i'm starting to ramble now! >.<

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  14. micole66

    micole66 Member

    You can draw for me an anthropomorphic female jet plane?
  15. WolfyJake

    WolfyJake Professional Cuddlefluff

    Thanks A lot. I love it!
  16. micole66

    micole66 Member

    My character is a female jet plane

    Name: Candy
    Gender: Female
    SFW or NSFW: SFW
    Colors: Pink with white wings
    Emotion: Happy
  17. RufusIsTrueBeauty

    RufusIsTrueBeauty Cool Dude

    I hope this is something like what you had in mind, and that you like it!
    Chimera for Mew2MewTwo.png
  18. Mew2MewTwo

    Mew2MewTwo Yard yare daze....

    Yes it is, and I like it very much! Thank you very much for it!
  19. RufusIsTrueBeauty

    RufusIsTrueBeauty Cool Dude

    Quick update for anyone following the thread: I am still going to complete the requests I said I would, especially with Easter holidays coming up, however I'm not going to be able to come online for the coming week so I'll get to them after the 8th!
    Thank you for your patience!
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  20. RufusIsTrueBeauty

    RufusIsTrueBeauty Cool Dude

    I was a lot busier over the holidays than anticipated... I shall do my best to get something posted by the end of the week (I'll work on at least a sketch before today ends)! I haven't forgotten about these requests, fear not!
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