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    *NOTICE** The badges will be slightly different, they will be outlines in white instead of being a cut out and layered on the background. I thought these would come out a bit different lol

    So about the badge: a printed piece of your character on a custom background and laminated, with a hole punch for a lanyard (which you will also get) The badges will be about 4.5-5 inches.

    -One character: $30 w/shipping
    -Two characters: $50 w/shipping
    Can only ship to those in the US, though I will give digital copies to those outside of the US, which will be 5$ less

    I am willing to take anything! OC, Fursona, Ponies, just run it by me~!

    Slots open: 15/15

    Commission Rules:
    -I will not do alterations forever. You'll get 3 for the line art, 2 for the coloring, and 3 for the background.
    -You will be given a final proof before printing, and one after. Unless you receive it damaged, you won't be getting a refund/re-ship.
    -No nudity/sexual theme, it will be denied for printing.
    -I will only take PayPal

    Thank you everyone!
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    have a goodnight bump!
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    Another bump! I also have a holographic option for anyone interested!
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