Bakersfield Furs?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by V_Phoenix, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. V_Phoenix

    V_Phoenix Member

    I was just wondering there was any furries that lived in Bakersfield, California or nearby
  2. FurryFox

    FurryFox Pink Hat

    Well, I live in Napa, California ... thats kida close =/
  3. V_Phoenix

    V_Phoenix Member

    Yeah, that is not too far away. Cause I'm thinking about going to the furcon in san jose this janurary, and was thinking about doing some kind of carpool thing with people in the area.
  4. FurryFox

    FurryFox Pink Hat

    Im sorry, I dont think I can help you there /._. ... Ima only 14 and almost no-one knows ima furry ...
  5. V_Phoenix

    V_Phoenix Member

    lol I'm 20 and I think I am the only furry in Kern County, I know i am in Tehachapi anyways lol. Aw, Tehachapi, good times.
  6. FurryFox

    FurryFox Pink Hat

    Ok, but what exactly is it that you were hoping someone will be able to do? ^_^;
  7. Hesperia fur. Secret is too. ^.^ But neither of us are going to there. a friend of Secret's is going. When she logs on, I'll have her tell ya who he is. I don't know about her friends, lol.
  8. V_Phoenix

    V_Phoenix Member

    Well what my original plan is that a few of us furs could meet some where nearby Bakersfield, and then carpool together over to San Jose.
  9. BatBoyBasil

    BatBoyBasil New Member

    I'm a Bakersfield furry :D
  10. GarthTheWereWolf

    GarthTheWereWolf Captious Lycanthrope of Forum Legend

    Central Coast here. So... 2 hours west I suppose? Lol
  11. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    Was Bakersfield the place where Janis Joplin had that busted flat?

    Edit: It was Baton Rouge. But I could always swear she says Bakersfield.

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