Commission (Selling): Beginner fursuiter, low cost suits!

Discussion in 'Furry Trading Post' started by CityPound, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. CityPound

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    I have just began my journal as a fursuiter. Recently I completed my first partial and I'm dying to make more to fill my portfolio. I'm willing to do suits at material and shipping cost, making an estimate based on the character design, how many colors are needed. All fur will be Mongolian style fur. Eyes will be follow-me. Nose can either be cloth or ordered online and plastic.

    Since I'm a beginner, and I've only completed my first suit today, I only have one portfolio image, but here it is:

    Partial suits will include foot paws, hand paws, tails and heads. With three fur colors, a medium sized tail, and outdoor feet paws this can cost somewhere around 150 (not including shipping costs, which can only be calculated with your location and the end weight and size of the commission)

    I will require a full deposit for the suit. This is to protect me and let me get the materials to even make the suit. The shipping will only be needed when its ready to be shipped.

    Full suits are something I want to do, but I've never made them before but if you want a full suit anyway then I am willing to do so.
  2. Br0zilla

    Br0zilla New Member

    I am extremely interested!! I'm new to the whole scene but am quite afraid to even attempt my own partial. lol. I'm hoping with my next paycheck in two weeks I'll have enough.
  3. CityPound

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    Okay! Why don't you send me a private message to get the conversation started!
  4. Patch-Paws

    Patch-Paws New Member

    I am interested in fursuiting, I may buy a suit
  5. Helios276

    Helios276 Guest

    I am currently interested as well, even if it's just a partial.
  6. Casorvice

    Casorvice Living life to its fullest

    150 For a suit? Holy crap! I never even knew suits would get below 1000!

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