Best book series that you have read that is not very well known

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    My favourite Book-series:
    Autor: Rita Falk
    Language: Only german.

    The book is about a german police officer named Franz Eberhofer. He is the only officer in a very small town in southern bavaria.
    Franz Eberhofer solves different criminal cases with an emotionless face, he likes Leberkässemmeln and has a dog named Ludwig.
    His grandma is cautious to not let him suffer from the slightest hunger.
    The book provides also some recipes from Franz's grandma.
    And his Dad grows marihuana in his garden and listens to the beatles.
    Franz dislikes the beatles and tends to shoot his fathers turntable with his duty weapon.
    The book is very funny there are alot of jokes and you can't hold back laughter (thats why there is a warning inside the book to not read it in public)
    The picture shows the first book in the series.

    At the moment there are 8 books:

    1. Winterkartoffelknödel
    2. Dampfnudelblues
    3. Schweinskopf al dente
    4. Grießnockeraffäre
    5. Sauerkrautkoma
    6. Zwetschgendatschikomplott
    7. Leberkäsjunkie
    8. Weißwurstconnection
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    I'm not the best at knowing how popular a book series is, but is Michelle Paver's "Chronicles of Ancient Darkness" Series obscure enough? The first book is Wolf Brother if you're interested, and it's on Audible if that's your thing. I am halfway through the second to last book, and I'm going to be sad to leave the main characters because I actually quite like them. Though Paver is writing a new series set in ancient Greece, so I'm looking forward to starting that.
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    I’m going to toss out the first two Well of Souls series and The Four Lords of the Diamond series by Jack for the sci-fi fans here.

    For the Well of Souls series, start with Midnight at the Well of Souls as that sets up everything and can be read on its own very nicely. Then go with the next four books in order. By the end it sets up some very very good questions for discussions. The second series is an expansion on some of the races that he wanted to use but never did, and stay away from the very last two books.

    The Four Lords of the Diamond follows a special agent who has his memories/personality duplicated and placed into four convicts that had their brains wiped. This is done so that he can infiltrate 4 worlds that each one has its own rules and a virus that causes it so that once you set foot on a world you can’t leave it without dieing.
  4. Legarch

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    The Farsala Trilogy
    Author: Hilari Bell
    Demographic: Young Adult

    A trilogy of books, that has a loose basing upon the invasion of Persia (Farsala )by the legions of Rome (Hrum), from the perspective of the Persians. Also takes a lot of from the Persian story of Rostam and Sorhab, which is actually used as ‘break points’ between chapters, giving a short 1-2 page excerpt of a retelling of the ancient story. The chapters are written kinda weird though, as each ‘Chapter’ has three ‘subchapters’, each from the point of view of the three main characters. Highly recommend it.

    The Oracle Trilogy
    Author: Catherine Fisher
    Demographic: Young Adult

    Takes place in a rough facsimile of Ancient Egypt. A story about corruption of the Theocracy of the land, and how the Archon, the literal manifestation of a deity in human form, is reduced to little more than a puppet by corrupt priests and generals who claim true ruler-ship over the land. Very interesting concept, though I remember when I read it some parts of it flew a bit over my head, as I started reading the series when I was only around 11 years old (fuck that feels like a lifetime ago).


    I'll probably make another post about some good books I read when I get home and check my massive shelves of novels I gathered over the years. I was the kid that always begged to stop at Chapters when we went to the city and got bookstore gift cards, so I have hundreds of books and manga sitting around

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