Best book series that you have read that is not very well known

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  1. Aaron Whitepaw

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    lel :)
  2. Abyssalrider

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    That's a tie between the Pendragon series and the Dragons of Requiem. (multiple trilogies make it up, each at a different part in the timeline therefore making the order they (the trilogies) are read in largely inconsequential)
  3. Ryan the Rockruff

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  4. bhutrflai

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    For anyone who likes a good romance series written in a classy way without too much detail, I suggest checking out Nora Roberts. She is a great author with a crap ton of books out there. Many are trilogies, but she has many single books too. She writes heavily on the metaphysical side of things and many of her characters are shapeshifters. Alot are murder romance too.

    First one I ever read is called Carolina Moon, about a woman who has been a medium since she was a child & was severely punished for it. Her best friend is murdered when they are 8 yrs old & she saw it in her mind, but she couldn't see the killer of course. Family moves away & she returns as an adult to face the demons of her past. Falls in love w/ her bestie's brother, against his family's wishes. Helps solve the murder, but NR is fantastic at twisting the story right at the very end. Keeps you hanging on. Her current series has a lycan that shifts for 3 nights every month.

    She also writes under the pen, JD Robb, for the In Death series. There's like 30+ already & she releases like 2 more each year. It's about a NYC homicide detective who falls in love with a gazillionaire and they solve all these crazy murders. There's friendship, love, sex, romance, alot of laughs. And it's all set about 50 years in the future. So think The Jetsons (if you are old enough to remember them) meets CSI (not to mention a sore subject). It's really worth the read if yure into that kinda thing.
  5. xaliceonfire

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    Maaaaan, Animorphs. Loved that series.
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    James Rollins writes great books. Haven't read a single one he wrote that wasnt good.

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