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    • General tweaks to the template and improvements to layout.
    • Improved how comments look (removed some clutter).
    • You can now use hot keys (Ctrl-B to Bold, Ctrl-I to Italicize).
    User Navigation
    • Made improvements to the standard desktop navigation. Should prevent issues where the Logout button is forced to a second line.
    • Completely re-wrote the mobile navigation from the ground up. All new, with improved compatibility for older devices.
    • Fixed an issue where opening the mobile nav would cause the page to jump to the top.

    Browse & Search

    • Made improvements for mobile navigation.
    • Sidebar has a new menu on mobile and tablet to help offer all the options of desktop without the clutter, thus your browse/search results are now first and foremost, not the same UI options. Should make browsing on mobile smoother.

    User Page
    • Made improvements to how information is displayed, notably for favorite items (e.g. "Favorite Food...") and for external user links (e.g. Skype, Telegram).
    • Initial integration of Badge system.
    • Site banner will no longer display on submissions, thus putting the art first and foremost on the site. Banner displays on all other pages.
    • Further improvements to mobile submissions, such as managing submission info/data.
    • Made subtle changes to the way information is displayed.
    • Vastly improved Beta's PM system, and laid groundwork for future updates.
    • Tweaks to the template and improvements to layout.
    • Improved how comments look (removed some clutter).
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    10/16/2017 - Beta Changelog

    • Made minor changes to how avatars on comments display. This should make improvements when loading pages linked to a specific comment or reply.
    • Dates have returned to shouts after an unnecessary vacation.
    Control Panel
    • Fixed a minor formatting issue on the navigation pane.
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    11/15/2017 - Beta and Classic Changelog

    • Favorites page now knows whether there is a "next" page with content following the current one or not. This is used to generate unclickable "next" links when there is no next page to show. This has been fixed.
    • BBcode shortcuts when writing or editing comments will no longer trigger if more modifier keys than just CTRL are being pressed (ctrl+shift+u for ex.)

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