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    Hello! Thank you for taking a look at my headshot commissions!
    Let me know if I've left out any information or if you have any questions!


    Payment needs to be sent beforehand, through PayPal Goods&Services, and please be sure to select no shipping address needed.
    To privately contact me, or to send payment, my email is:
    You may also message or note me through FA / these forums.

    Short TOS:

    • This is not first come first serve
    • You need to have a clear, colored picture reference of your OC
    • I may turn down your comm if I don't think I can draw your OC
    • Do not post my art without credit to me or erase my signature
    • Do not edit my art or claim you are the artist of my work
    • Please credit my Tumblr, my DeviantArt, or my Toyhouse if you post your received art anywhere. Please ask permission before posting it anywhere. Thank you.

    [​IMG] Open [​IMG]
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  2. Hey! I would be interested in a headshot of my fursona! Are slots still available?
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