Blocked for unknow reason?

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Kman95, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Kman95

    Kman95 New Member

    I was favoriting a submission by an artist whom I won;t name for their privacy, and it says I could not favorite the submission because I was blocked by them. I have no idea why, I have no idea what I have done to offend them to just randomly get blocked. I haven't talked to them , nor is there a way to now if I wanted to try.I donlt know what i could have done so i wonder if it was done be mistake. but I don't know how to contact someone once you have been blocked by them. Has anyone else been in this situation that could give me some advise or help on what to do?
  2. Shameful_Cole

    Shameful_Cole Shameful Idiot

    There's really not much you can do. If you want to get back to the image, download it or save the link to it, but as for being unblocked, anything you could do would be against FA Terms of Service.
  3. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    The user who blocked you may have reasons which they have chosen not to explain to you, as Shameful_Cole said, if you wanted to get back to the image your best bet is to download it or save a link to it.

    But unless they choose to unblock you there isn't much at all that you can do about it.
    Also, just as a side note, the forums aren't exactly the best place to talk about such things, as there is little that can be done about it anyway.
  4. Alex K

    Alex K Guest

    Well people do fear the unknown...
  5. Kman95

    Kman95 New Member

    I see, though saving the link or downloading the art isn't going to solve my problem.
  6. quoting_mungo

    quoting_mungo Administrator Staff Member

    You don't. I'm sorry to be harsh, but that's honestly what it ultimately comes down to - if you're blocked you need to respect that this individual doesn't wish to communicate with you. Attempting to circumvent their block to contact them anyway is a violation of Code of Conduct and will only get you into trouble.
  7. Khazius

    Khazius The Fruit Bat

    The way Id look at is it if they are going to do that, do you really want to be in contact with a person like that?
  8. Kman95

    Kman95 New Member

    I see your point, their loss if they didn't want to talk to me or tell me what I did wrong.
  9. Kman95

    Kman95 New Member


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