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Discussion in 'Art and Illustration' started by Jw, May 14, 2011.

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    This was mentioned but not linked, Terryl Whitlatch has compiled a bunch of creatures with amazing anatomy in her book Animals Real and Imagined. There's a short video on the Amazon page for the book of someone flipping through the pages so you can see some of the creatures within. Not a step-by-step drawing book or anything, but very inspirational and very original.
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    Actually i just bought that book today and it's the 4th edition expanded and updated. So when i look at the review there are four editions of said book out.
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    For all of you Frazetta fans, The Frazetta Sketchbook is coming out next month! Includes rare and never before published sketches and preliminary paintings in full color.
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    This is the book that really got me to begin to understand more serious artwork, and inspired me to learn and improve myself, giving me some basic fundamentals to begin with. I love it so much.
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    Ooh...anyone else got dragon book recommendations?
  7. Arshes Nei

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    Neondragon is good, but the ones Arshes posted are better.

    I also like looking at D&D Monster Manuals.
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    While he has the book for sale, one artist offers a free downloadable and printable PDF of his book.
    The Fundamentals of Drawing from Life.

    Read The Text

    He sells a physical copy on Amazon for 25. He also graciously accepts donations on his website for providing his free PDF.
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    Thanks for reminding me about that Bobby Chiu book. It was on my list of things to get.

    I used to listen to his podcasts a lot. I always get reminded of why you draw from life because of this simple video

    Onto Books:

    David Colman's book on Animal Character Design is one of my favorite books. Unfortunately I believe it's out of print because the prices for it skyrocketed.


    He does have other books out.



    He's also got some DVDs for Character design too. Vol 1 and 2.
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    Has anyone here seen this book?

    I've flipped through it a bit and it looks like it has some good stuff in it
  14. Taralack

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    God that Draw Furries book is still nightmare fuel.

    I think Impact went around shopping for someone to shill that topic and got Jared and Lindsay. While their techniques have been generally helpful in the past, like - and their older book on how to CG. even with the crack eyes.

    Draw Furries is creepy and awful. It really is mostly telling you to go use other books half the time. It has some creepy ass eyes and while some illustrations are interesting there's a lot of misses. Even the cover is fucking creepy. Seriously why is that Fox's eye like front view when his head is in profile?
  16. Arshes Nei

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    A good Business book. I also recommend the Graphic Artists' Handbook but they update about every year so not directly linking since some prices could have changed.


    More on artists I like I like getting these Sketch books because they're cheap and have a lot of sketches - lets you study their process

    Alphonse Mucha

    John Singer Sargent

    One of my favorite books on drawing the head - There is an amusing section how he mixes anthropomorphic features in the end of his book
  17. Tiamat

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    Haha the draw furries book! I discovered it myself (online pics only) and posted on Concept Art a few months back for some laughs.

    Generally almost all 'how to draw [insert popular trope here] books are bullshit and should be reviled for the memory of the tree that gave its life for it.
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    To be fair, I think those books have value to young children who dont realize the importance of life drawing yet.
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    Well as shills, yes if you want kids' expendable income.
    However, I stated earlier the book tells you to go to other books including life drawing so how is that helpful?

    Even Lee Ames books have more value than that :p
  20. Aleu

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    I was going through the Impact books and they're kinda...shitty. They only vaguely explain the basics while teaching stylized cartoony things from the very beginning. That includes the DragonArt books, Making Faces, Drawing Heads, etc.

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