Browntable's "Zootopia 2" Fanfilm Project and Why It Kinda Irks Me

Discussion in 'TV, Video & Film' started by Dolphanatic, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. JumboWumbo

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    It's fuckin' Disney, man. I guarantee there will be an official sequel within the next ten years.
  2. Dolphanatic

    Dolphanatic Member

    True, but it's really the guy's attitude that bothers me. His ego is through the roof and he deliberately shuts down anyone whose ideas differ from his (even when he claims to be open to others' ideas). That and the fact that he acts like he's a professional, talking down to everyone else and all, just makes it hard to shrug it off as "just an amateur fanfic". He's seriously convinced himself that he's making a legitimate sequel to Zootopia of sorts and that he deserves praise for doing so, going as far as to release cinematic trailers and behind-the-scenes updates, and even initially announcing it under the title of "Zootopia 2", for crying out loud! He clearly wants us to have high expectations, so what's the point of saying it's simply harmless fanfiction when he clearly treats it as more than such? In fact, he's even gone on to say that he actively dislikes the term "fanfiction" because it's supposedly insulting to writers, according to him. If he wants his fan-film to be treated like an actual sequel to Zootopia, then it only makes sense for people like me to critique it as such.

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