Buying fursuit in pieces?

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  1. So, I'm really eager to get a fursuit, and while I'm sure I'll save the money eventually, I was wonder, is it common at all to buy a suit in parts?

    For example, I buy the head one month, then the paws the next, then the body the next? Something like that.

    Secondary question. Let's say I buy my suit all at once, and assume I don't know anything about how pieces of suits fit together. Is it possible for them to come in parts, if I want to.. say.. wear it like a partial suit? Like with a shirt and pants along with head, paws, feet, and tail?
    Does that ever get complicated if one was to wear the suit all together? Like an arm paw slips down because it isn't attached to the body?
  2. HallowQueen

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    hello darling!
    if you want to buy a suit in pieces there are a few options for you. the first option is to make a lasting deal with a single fursuit maker as you buy each part from them to assure fur matching, the other option is to source your own fur through multiple makers as you go along so they are all using the same fur seller...
    i recommend setting up some kind of long term payment plan with a single maker, it's easiest.
    and suits frequently come in multiple parts, most makers take that into consideration!
    i myself make all my full suits interchangeable as partials unless the body padding disables it. any good suit will fit accuratly in any form that it is worn and have velcro or clasps to secure it back together when worn all in one piece.

    but there is the factor of shipping to consider, it's very expensive and will build up over the shipment of individual parts vs. the whole suit at once. if you would like help figuring out a budget for a suit purchase, feel free to ask me any questions! i love helping people get their very own suits!
  3. Very cool.
    Yeah, the issue with differing fur is the big thing I was worried about. I've had different non fursuits related instances where suppliers go out of business and projects I want to work on don't look right because I waited too long.

    I will definitely consider asking the makers about their long term plans. It's one of those things where, if you have money and aren't disciplined, you want to spend it, but if you have a payment plan you are kinda locked in and it's easier to save. At least for me.

    I go to BioLife each week, giving me around $240 a month, which is all my personal spending money. If I save half of that, I think it would take about a year for a decent suit, perhaps? I am pretty sure good ones are between 1 & 2 thousand?
  4. HallowQueen

    HallowQueen Candy is dandy~

    well i don't know how many makers accept slow payments, but if you find one that allows for it i would say to make an agreed payment for the material cost for the whole suit, then pay for it piece by piece to be made! that assures all the matching fur is already bought!
    and there is a huge price range on suits, they are cheaper without body padding for example.
    but a good midrange full suit would be around 2k, yes!
    okay, lets see here... 120$ a month is low but doable
    using my own price chart as a base and assuming your icon is your fursona
    a nice fat tailed shark with a minor contrasting pattern and some body padding would come to 2,400$
    i see three prominant colors, yellow, blue and black, likely around 30$ a yard, looks like 3yards blue, 2 yards black, 2 yards yellow
    7 x 30$ = 210$
    2 yards foam padding, roughly 120$
    5 pounds polyfil fiber/ liner fabrics/ sewing odds and ends/ technical doodads 130$

    plus the shipping and what not, i'll say 500$ for the supply
    and once i had that i would be fine with making the parts, starting with handpaws, head and tail... slowly as i had the time, being that payments would be slow
    it's quite an ordeal, but possible!
  5. Thank you very much for the advice!

    I'm sure waiting will be the best course of action. I don't want to, but I'm sure, like you said, a slow payment plan will be a bit awkward.

    I'm glad to hear suits can come in parts though. That info will be helpful.


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