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    I've wanted a fursuit ever since I was a kid and this summer I'd like to finally get one! I don't have the patience/skill to make one myself (I tried 6 or so years ago lol) nor do I have a character that I want to commission a suit of, so I've decided to buy a premade one from a site like Furbuy, The Dealers Den, Etsy, etc.
    I am also looking for a partial, not a full suit.

    But I've never really gone suit shopping before, so I have some questions.

    1. Are there any things that I should watch out for to make sure that I don't get scammed, and/or stuck with a low quality or fixer-upper suit that wasn't advertised as such?

    2. What should my budget be for a partial (head + paws + tail)? I'm thinking around $500-600 minus shipping, is that too low? I don't need an amazing looking suit from a popular artist or anything, but would it be worth it to wait and buy something more expensive?

    3. Some of the suits I see for sale are from lesser-known makers, and some are even people's first or second attempts at making a suit. Should I avoid these even if they look good?

    4. Should I avoid <$300 suits even if they look good? I'm assuming so, because they're probably scams, but I figured I'd ask.

    Thanks everyone for your help!
  2. Hi there! I don't personally own a suit, but as someone whose done online fursuit shopping and has been around the fursuit maker community I think I can help answer your questions.

    1. Always check out the seller and varify who they are/their track record. Furbuy for example has feedback ratings and reviews to help you know you're seller is a legitimate one. Another good idea is to find sellers that post a lot of pics of the suit from all angles (even close ups). Scammers typically post low quality pictures or refuse to post more than one, whereas genuine sellers will post more and better quality upon request.

    2. You're budget should be good for a partial. If it was a new suit I'd recommend at least $700, but since it's secondhand the resale value decreases so you're within a proper range.

    3A. Not all first time or second time suits are so bad as to gloss over. Some new suit makers like to experiment with techniques and aesthetic choices, so you could get a nice prototype on the cheap. (Be aware that technical flaws come with the territory, so again refer to the first answer when shopping.)

    3B. It's always good to support lesser-known fursuit makers, especially if they are just starting out. Some newbies can be poor quality, yes, but suit making is a skill not a talent. Ordering your first fursuit from a new maker is not only budget friendly, but it opens you up to being a valued customer when that maker begins to expand their business and their suit quality.

    4. Sometimes there are partials you can get with $300 or less on auction sites like furbuy, but you initial reluctance to them is a good thing. Lots of younger furs out there and new fursuiters have fallen prey to "cheap" fursuits; it's an age old story in the community. However, if you're doing your research and due diligence you'll quickly learn the scammers from the legitimate. And be sure to use payment systems like PayPal, which have safety features in place to protect buyers and help them dispute purchases that fall through.

    Good luck on getting your partial!
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    @PyrestoneAtelier Thanks for your response, I'll keep this stuff in mind! I definitely agree that it's good to support new/lesser-known artists

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